Tuapse beaches: photo. The best sandy beaches in Tuapse (Russia)

Tuapse beaches

Tuapse beaches

The city of Tuapse is considered a resort, and it received this status for a reason: every year residents of the Krasnodar Territory and neighboring regions come here to relax and gain strength before another busy year of work. The beaches of Tuapse are in great demand, if only because, in addition to a good rest on the Black Sea coast, visitors can also admire the work of the local seaport.

However, it must be remembered that it is precisely because of the presence of a large port that the town is never quiet and calm, so vacationers should immediately prepare for the constant noise and rumble. Be that as it may, at the resorts of the Tuapse region you can enjoy the silence, so knowledgeable people choose them for recreation..

So, what are the advantages of the beaches of the Tuapse region??

  1. Long coastline - 60 km;
  2. the presence of pebble, sandy-pebble and sandy beaches;
  3. remoteness of beaches from the territory of sanatoriums and boarding houses;
  4. flat seabed, excellent depth, no rocky ledges;
  5. high level of service;
  6. good equipment with beach equipment and affordable prices.

All this makes tourists choose Tuapse for their annual vacation, and local residents take pride in their own city..

The best beaches in Tuapse resorts

The best sandy beaches of Tuapse are in demand among families with small children, because kids love to build castles and other figures from sand. The central city beach is also suitable for lovers of sandy cover: although its middle is made of fine gravel, there is a large sandy zone in its southeastern part. The central city beach stretches for 1.2 km from the Tuapse River to the boarding house «Spring», and it was chosen by both visitors and local residents. The beach area is cleaned regularly, so the stereotype «urban means dirty» doesn't work here. A gentle entrance to the water allows it to quickly warm up, so the risk of catching a cold is reduced to almost zero. On the beach, vacationers will find numerous cafes and bars.

Another extremely popular beach is «Golden shore» in Lermontovo. It is quite small, but very clean and tidy, and there are not very many vacationers here. Camp beach «Eaglet» considered the best in Novomikhaylovskoye, however, swimming here is allowed only for holidaymakers.

«Wild» the beach, located 4 km from the city center, does not at all live up to its name. There is the necessary beach equipment here, you can buy souvenirs and fruits, and there are not so many people as on the central beaches. Locals love to relax here, because «Wild» allows you to be alone with yourself, enjoy the warm quartz sand and desert landscape.

Photos of Tuapse beaches

  • Tuapse beaches
  • Tuapse beaches
  • Tuapse beaches