Rest in Tuapse - photo. Summer vacation in Tuapse 2015

Rest in Tuapse

Rest in Tuapse

Rest in Tuapse is green boulevards for walking, numerous shopping and entertainment centers, mini-hotels, hotels of different levels, health resorts.

The main types of recreation in Tuapse

  • Beach: while relaxing on the Central sandy-pebble beach, you can play beach volleyball on specially equipped playgrounds, have fun on water attractions, have a snack in a cafe. In addition, there is a lifeguard and a rental office on the beach (you can rent a catamaran, ride a banana or a parachute), showers (it is better not to immediately wash off the sea salt so that it can saturate your skin with useful microelements) and changing cabins. And nearby there are excursion bureaus, where you will be offered to go on a boat trip or on a trip involving a visit to the natural sites of the Tuapse region. On the Seaside Beach you can admire the picturesque nature, swim in clear water, have fun on the water slides for children and adults..
  • Active: Tuapse has a lot of entertainment for active tourists - here you can go rafting, canyoning, snorkeling, speleo- and cycling. If you wish, you can visit the entertainment center “Three whales” - here you can spend time in a bowling center, a hall with slot machines, at a disco.
  • Excursion: on various excursions you will stroll along Primorsky Boulevard, look into the Tuapse Museum of History and Local Lore, see the Kiselev rock and ancient monuments in the complex “Psynako”, visit Mount Indyuk, Perun waterfall, in “Medov” and the gorge “Wolf gate”. And for vacationers with children, tours are organized, involving a visit to the Dolphinarium, a water park and the Monkey Nursery..
  • Event-driven: having arrived in Tuapse in early July, you will be able to attend the annual beauty contest “Miss Tuapse”, at the end of July - have fun on the City Day (folk festivities and colorful fireworks await you), and throughout the summer - attend concerts of Russian show business stars who come here on tour.

Prices for tours in Tuapse

Travel agency managers advise their clients to vacation in Tuapse in May-September, although many flock here, regardless of the season (for example, in autumn, winter and spring, seminars and congresses are held here, and the most favorable time for recovery comes). Tours in Tuapse are inexpensive, but prices rise by 20-30% in July-August. To save money, you can come to Tuapse in September-October - at this time the cost of the tours becomes very attractive.

On a note!

You can get around the city, as well as get to the nearest resort villages by buses and minibuses (it is advisable to find out the route and cost of travel in advance). Since there is a railway near the coast, you can get to popular beaches by electric trains (for example, the road from the Central Station to the beaches of the villages of the Tuapse region will take 15-25 minutes).

Leaving Tuapse, do not forget to buy souvenirs from shells and sea stones, tea, spices, wine..

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