Taxi in Valencia - prices, order. How much does a taxi cost in Valencia

Taxi in Valencia

Taxi in Valencia

Taxis in Valencia are very popular among visitors to the city: this is due to the absence of traffic jams and the relatively low cost of travel. As a rule, taxis are represented by white cars with "checkers" on the roof (on a free car, the taxi icon glows green), and in the cabin there are taximeters.

Taxi services in Valencia

You can get into a taxi by stopping a car moving along the street (in this case, you will pay a little more for the ride), and also find it at specialized parking lots or call a taxi through the dispatch service of one of the taxi companies. So, you can contact Taxi Valencia (invites its customers to order a Russian-speaking driver and drive comfortable and spacious cars equipped with navigators and air conditioning, both in the city and in its environs) by phone + 34 661 71 93 93. And to use with RadioTaxi services, the call can be made by phone + 34 963 703 333 (the company has minivans for convenient transportation of the elderly and people with disabilities).

Tourist taxi in Valencia

You can go on a tour of Valencia by a tourist taxi - this is a kind of excursion, during which the driver will make several stops so that passengers can better see the sights of the city (if desired, the client can independently choose what he wants to see, i.e. he can create an optimal route for yourself or go on a journey along a fixed route). As a rule, such trips take 1.5 hours and cost passengers 30-35 euros..

Taxi cost in Valencia

Take a look at the rates and you will find out how much a taxi costs in Valencia:

  • when landing, the meter will display 1.5 euros, and 1 km of the route will be charged at 0.9-1 euros;
  • for idle time you will be charged 20 euros / 1 hour;
  • travel at night (21: 00-07: 00), holidays and weekends costs passengers 35-40% more than a trip at the day rate.

The average cost of a trip around the city is 6 euros, and for a trip from the airport to the center of Valencia you will pay approximately 25-30 euros (the price includes an airport tax of 3.5 euros).

Payment for the fare is carried out according to the meter readings, so make sure that the driver turns it on at the time of boarding (since some cars are equipped with terminals for accepting bank cards, if you wish, you can pay for the fare with a card, but you should know about this possibility before travel). If your plans include a taxi trip outside the city, then the cost of the trip should be negotiated before boarding..

Valencia is a dynamically developing city: to explore the cathedral, visit the Museum of Fine Arts and get to other attractions of the city, it is worth resorting to the services of a local taxi.

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