How long is the flight from Malaga to Moscow? Time of flight Malaga - Moscow

How long is the flight from Malaga to Moscow?

How long is the flight from Malaga to Moscow?

On vacation in Malaga, you managed to spend time on La Malagueta beach, Santana Golf & Country golf center, Azucar, Sala Moliere or El Picaro de la Habana nightclubs, see the Gibralfaro castle-lighthouse and the Arabian the Alcazaba fortress, visit the Picasso House Museum, the Interactive Music Museum and the Automobile Museums? And now you are concerned about the return flight to your homeland?

How long to fly from Malaga to Moscow (direct flight)?

Malaga and Moscow are separated by 3700 km (the flight will last about 5 hours). For example, using the services of "Air Europa" or "Aeroflot" you will return home 5 hours 10 minutes after take-off, and with "Transaero" - after more than 5.5 hours.

The price of a Malaga-Moscow air ticket can reach 22,300 rubles. A decrease in prices (8,200 rubles) is observed in the spring months, and an increase in summer.

Flight Malaga-Moscow with transfers

When making stops in Palma de Mallorca, Copenhagen, Valencia, Paris, Lisbon, Rome, Amsterdam or other cities, your air trip will last from 7 to 29 hours.

Due to stops in Palma de Mallorca and Dusseldorf ("Air Berlin") you will have to spend 18.5 hours on the road (until the 2nd departure you will be asked to wait 11.5 hours), in Copenhagen ("Sas") - 17.5 hours (on 2 planes you will fly in 11 hours), in Barcelona ("Iberia") - 7 hours (between 2 flights you will have 1 hour), in Lisbon ("Portuguese Airlines") - 8 hours (waiting - a little over 1 hour), in Paris ("Air France") - 17 hours (you will have 11 hours before the 2nd departure), in Casablanca ("Royal Air Maroc") - 29 hours (you will be invited to board the 2nd flight after 19 hours), in Helsinki ("Finnair") - 21 hours (about 13.5 hours will be allocated for the connection).

Choosing an air carrier

A flight to the Russian capital can be organized by one of the following carriers operating flights to Moscow on Beechcraft 1900 D, ATR 72/42, Boeing 737-900, Airbus A 318 and other aircraft: "Air Europa"; "Iberia"; ‘Niki ";" KLM ".

Check-in for the Malaga-Moscow flight is carried out at the Pablo Ruiz Picasso (AGP) airport, 10 km away from the city. At the service of those waiting for their flight - a VIP lounge (Internet access, soft sofas, TV, a bar, the latest press, a meeting room), ATMs, a post office, bank offices, areas with shops and cafes.

What to do in flight?

During the flight, you can think about and decide which of your loved ones to please with gifts from Malaga in the form of locally made clothes and shoes, leather bags, jamon, "turron" (a sweet from nuts, honey, sugar and whipped proteins), postcards-reproductions of Picasso, Spanish wine (sangria, sherry), castanets.


  • How long is the flight from Malaga to Moscow?
  • How long is the flight from Malaga to Moscow?
  • How long is the flight from Malaga to Moscow?