Prices in Salou - food, souvenirs, transport. How much money to take in Salou

Prices in Salou

Prices in Salou

A very picturesque place in Spain is the resort of Salou, located on the beautiful Costa Dorada. A trip here will give you many unforgettable experiences. Prices in Salou for vacations are quite affordable, so the flow of tourists from Russia does not decrease.

Cost of living

You can rent a one-bedroom apartment for a month for 850 euros. A similar apartment in the center will cost at least 900 euros. In a residential area, a three-bedroom apartment costs about 1,700 euros per month. 3 * hotels in Salou offer rooms for 1550 - 1900 rubles per day. In 4 * hotels, rooms cost from 1600 to 2400 rubles. The peak beach season is during the summer months. During this period, prices in hotels are overpriced. For a budget holiday, 3 * hotels are more suitable, which offer excellent conditions at affordable prices. Any room has air conditioning, shower, TV.


There are not many historical sights in the resort. It was created exclusively for tourist recreation. Guests of Salou are advised to look at the Old Tower of Torre Velha, which is one of the oldest structures in the resort..
Today it houses the Enamel Museum, where exhibitions are often held. You can visit one of the art exhibitions for a nominal fee. An interesting object is Villa Bonet - an original example of the Art Nouveau style in architecture. Tourists have a popular excursion from Salou to Barcelona, ​​which costs $ 70. The one-way trip takes only 1.5 hours. Also from Salou there are excursions to Madrid, Valencia, Montserrat. A tour to Mount Montserrat with a visit to the Salvador Dali Museum is offered at a price of $ 90 per person. Sightseeing tours have an average cost of about 35 euros per tourist. If you intend to visit 5 excursions, then the cost will be 200 euros excluding the purchase of souvenirs and food.

Where to eat for a tourist

If you are not staying in an all-inclusive hotel, then the issue of purchasing food will be your top priority. There are many cafes and restaurants in Salou where you can eat well and deliciously. You can eat at the hotel for a fee. There are restaurants in the resort for every budget and taste..
For budget dinners, it's best to find an inexpensive cafe. Some catering establishments offer discounts to tourists on certain days and times. For example, for the price of one, you can try two dishes at once. A jug of sangria 1 liter costs 9 euros. A glass of wine costs 1 euro. Each supermarket in Salou has dedicated eating areas. Fast food outlets operate on the streets of the resort. You can eat there inexpensively. In McDonald's cities, prices are higher than in Russia. For example, you will have to pay almost 7 euros for a regular Big Mac..


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