Holidays in Spain in February: prices and weather. Where to relax in Spain in February

Holidays in Spain in February

Holidays in Spain in February

Holidays in Spain in February are special. It should be noted right away that at the end of winter it is much warmer here than at the beginning of the season. The snows are decreasing, and there are not so many rainy days: a maximum of 2-3. Most often it rains in the central part of the country. In February, they can cast here for a whole week. As for the air temperature, in the northern regions of Spain during the day it reaches about 10-13 degrees Celsius. At night, it drops to a level of + 7-8 degrees. In the central region, the temperature is about the same. However, almost half of February, this part of Spain is characterized by cloudy skies and clouds..

Where is the best place to relax in Spain in February

Choosing a February vacation in a given country, you should prefer resorts located in the south of the country. The climate here is mild, and the average temperature can exceed 20 degrees Celsius. As for the water, its temperature in February is + 19-20C. Despite the fact that the morning hours are characterized by coolness, it is quite possible to actively sunbathe during the day. There is practically no snow and rain in southern Spain on February days.

How to have fun in Spain in February

It is in February in Spain that holidays can be the most diverse and eventful for the entire winter. At this time in this European country you can:

  • sunbathe on a variety of beaches;
  • mountaineering and skiing;
  • to have an active rest in cafes and clubs;
  • get acquainted with local attractions.

However, the sparkling show dedicated to the opening of the carnival, which takes place in Las Palmas, can be especially exciting at the end of winter. This enchanting action will take the imagination and will surely be remembered even by the most sophisticated tourists..

From 14 to 20 February inclusive, you can visit the restaurant week. It takes place in Valencia. It was during this period in Spain that travelers are offered a unique opportunity to taste the most piquant and colorful dishes. Moreover, vacationers will have the opportunity to even get acquainted with the technology of their preparation. By the way, at the end of winter, numerous recreation parks resume their work..

Purchase of vouchers to Spain for February

Most tour operators offer trips to Spain in February in advance. That is why you should also take care of purchasing them not on the eve of the expected departure date. This is explained by the fact that many tourists are interested in carnival events and other entertaining events that take place in Spain in the last winter month..

Photos of holidays in Spain

  • Holidays in Spain in February
  • Holidays in Spain in February