Airport in Las Vegas: scheme, photo. How to get to Las Vegas airport

Airport in Las Vegas

Airport in Las Vegas

The city of Las Vegas is home to Clark County's main commercial airport, McCarran Airport. It is located about 10 km from the main business district of the city. The airport area is 11 square kilometers.
The airport occupies an important position in terms of passenger turnover and perfect takeoffs and landings - annually it serves almost 50 million passengers and more than 600 thousand flights. The Las Vegas airport is the main hub for Southwest Airlines, which handles a third of the total passenger traffic..
By 2017, the airport plans to achieve its maximum capacity, which is approximately 53 million passengers per year..


The history of the airport in Las Vegas begins in 1942, when the Alamo Airport was founded by the aviator George Crockett. After 6 years, it was bought out by the county municipality and renamed McCarran Airport. Already in 1948, the airport handled about 1.5 million passengers.
In 1963, a new terminal was built, which increased the airport's capacity. And 15 years later, a plan for the development of the airport was developed, which was carried out in 3 stages. Funding to achieve the plan was due to the issuance of bonds (debt obligations).
Since the beginning of 2005, the airport began to provide its passengers with access to wireless Internet. The wireless coverage area was about 180 thousand square meters - the largest coverage area in the world at that time.
In the spring of 2007, a large parking lot with 5000 spaces was opened near the airport..


The airport in Las Vegas offers its passengers a variety of services. Many cafes and restaurants are waiting for their visitors. Large area of ​​duty-free shops, allowing you to buy the necessary goods.
On the territory of the terminals there are bank branches, ATMs, a post office, a currency exchange office, a pharmacy, etc..
There are slot machines for entertainment at the airport.
There are also 11 companies that provide cars for rent..


Several bus routes go from the airport to the city - No. 593, 215 and 108.
Free bus 109A runs between the terminals and the parking lot.
You can also get to the city by taxi or rented car..

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