Streets of Las Vegas - photo, name. List of famous streets in Las Vegas

Streets of Las Vegas

Streets of Las Vegas

Las Vegas is considered the famous city of Nevada. It occupies the southwestern part of the territory, near Los Angeles and San Francisco. After 1931, when gambling was recognized as legal, the city began to develop rapidly. Huge money is invested in its prosperity. Streets of Las Vegas amaze with unusual architectural structures and chic establishments.

The location of the city is a desert valley surrounded by a mountain range. The region has little rainfall, but the city is surrounded by greenery, dominated by flowers and palms..

Main Street - Las Vegas

The most famous casinos, restaurants and hotels are located here. Las Vegas is a long boulevard. Its length is 6 km. In the south, it is built up with hotels with restaurants, boutiques and casinos. The biggest New Years party in the country is held on this street. During the period of large-scale holidays, the movement of cars stops.

Everything that has been built here is distinguished by its original design and scope. A pyramid stretches along the central boulevard, towering over the city and the desert. The entrance to the black glass pyramid is guarded by a sphinx. The opposite side of the street is decorated with a duplicate of New York. There you can see the Brooklyn Bridge, skyscrapers, the Statue of Liberty and other attractions..

The main city masterpieces are concentrated on Las Vegas Boulevard. Locals refer to this place as "the Strip". There is an international airport on the southern edge of the boulevard. The best casinos in the city are lined up along it. The most luxurious hotels are close to McCarran Airport.

You can walk endlessly along the boulevard, looking at the beautiful institutions, inside which there are museums and exhibitions. Each hotel has its own flavor. For example, a vintage car museum operates at the Imperial Palace. Dancing fountains function near the Bellagio hotel.

Fremont Street

This street is considered the most famous in Las Vegas, second only to the Strip. Fremont Street is located in Downtown, which was formerly the center of a metropolis. A huge number of casinos operate here. Part of the street is a pedestrian alley.

In the middle of the street is a huge display in the shape of a dome - Fremont Street Experience. Its length is 460 m, power is 555 W. It includes 10 powerful computers and more than 12 million LEDs. Interesting shows are shown on the display.

Walking along Fremont Street is recommended in the evening and at night, when numerous entertainment venues are open.

Photos of Las Vegas streets

  • Streets of Las Vegas
  • Streets of Las Vegas
  • Streets of Las Vegas