Airport in Los Angeles: scheme, photo. How to get to Los Angeles airport

Los Angeles airport

Los Angeles airport

Los Angeles Airport, also called LAX, is one of the largest and most beautiful airports in the world. More than 60 million people and more than 2 million tons of cargo are handled here every year. The airport is located 26 km from the city center.
LAX has 4 concrete runways. Passengers are served by 9 terminals. Terminal 1 through 8 and Tom Bradley Terminal.
The airport is used not only as a transport hub, but also often filming movies or using it as a background screen saver in programs..


Los Angeles airport can serve as a good example for other airports in the world. It looks like an entertainment center.
There are many cafes and restaurants available to passengers that offer various dishes. Large duty free shopping area.
In addition to the usual waiting room, of course, there is a deluxe lounge for business class passengers..
There are special playrooms for children.
The courteous staff will help you sort out any problem you might have. Special attention is paid here to safety.
In addition, passengers can contact bank branches, use ATMs, send mail, etc..
Simply put, Los Angeles Airport strives to provide the most comfortable experience for its passengers..


The passenger can easily move between terminals, as well as arrive at a parking lot or metro station on special shuttle buses, which are divided into several types:

  • A - Airlines Connections. These buses carry passengers between terminals.
  • C - Parking Lot C. Type C buses will take the passenger to the parking lot.
  • Bus G takes passengers to the metro station, from where you can get into the city.

Also, buses leave from the airport to the city, which will take passengers to popular tourist places of the city and nearby regions..
In addition, you can get to the city by taxi; finding a taxi driver is not difficult, because there are a lot of them throughout the airport.
For lovers of self-driving, there are many car rental companies at LAX Airport. A suitable company can be found right at the exit of the customs control, or by following the signs on the information board.

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