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Christmas in Los Angeles

Christmas in Los Angeles

What's in store for travelers at Christmas in Los Angeles? They can be sure that during the holidays they will be lucky enough to plunge into the atmosphere of entertainment and fun.!

Features of celebrating Christmas in Los Angeles

Christmas in Los Angeles is celebrated on December 25, and locals begin to decorate houses and trees on plots near the house (using garlands of colorful lamps, Santa Claus figurines, a Christmas wreath that is hung on the front door), locals begin to practice at the beginning of the month.

If we talk about a family Christmas dinner, then Americans first read a prayer and eat consecrated bread, after which they start a meal (fish, turkey, potato pie, cabbage and bean soup, and homemade sausages are considered traditional Christmas dishes). Those wishing to spend a Christmas evening in a local restaurant should pay attention to "Mastro's Steakhouse" (the first floor is suitable for families and dinners in a small company, and the second - for those wishing to have a good time at a disco).

Entertainment and celebrations in Los Angeles

From late November to late December, thousands of tourists come to Los Angeles for unrivaled shopping and street performance. In this regard, travelers will have the opportunity to spend their leisure time in an interesting way..

Los Angeles at the end of November invites guests to take part in the Christmas parade - at the head of this solemn procession you can see a hundred Santa Clauses, vintage cars with stars, decorated chariots, as well as watch performances of dance groups and music groups.

And in mid-December, the curious will have the opportunity to visit the Christmas boat parade. It should be noted that the ship-winner is the one who will meet such parameters as the best illumination and original musical performance..

Those wishing to go ice skating are invited to carry out their plans at the ice rink located on Pershing Square.

On holidays, it is recommended to admire the wonderful view of the city from the Griffith Observatory, and on Fridays and Saturdays, attend live music concerts that will take place on the City Walk's stage..

You should not leave Los Angeles without attending the New Year's performances at Disneyland - guests will have numerous attractions here, as well as a meeting with Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus and your favorite cartoon characters.

Christmas shopping in Los Angeles

Christmas in Los Angeles is a good time to shop, with local malls offering attractive discounts. So, for example, during the Christmas period, shopping for yourself and your loved ones, you can go to the Grove area (a 33-meter Christmas tree is installed here, and Christmas carols are arranged in the evenings).


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