How long is the flight from Los Angeles to Moscow? Time of flight Los Angeles - Moscow

How long to fly from Los Angeles to Moscow?

How long is the flight from Los Angeles to Moscow?

In Los Angeles, you managed to spend time in Manhattan Beach, walk along the Walk of Fame and Griffith Park, visit the Museum of Modern Art, see the Million Dollar Building, look at the Guinness World Records Museum, Universal and Warner Brothers studio complexes to have some fun at Universal Studios Hollywood? And now it is important for you to know in how many hours you will return to Moscow?

How long is the direct flight from Los Angeles to Moscow?

The flight from the US metropolis in the direction of the Russian capital (they are separated by 9800 km) will last 12.5-13 hours.

You will be able to buy a ticket for the destination you are interested in for at least 25,000 rubles (you can count on such a price in September, August and April).

Flight Los Angeles - Moscow with transfers

If you plan to use connecting flights, you will be offered to fly through New York, Chicago, Frankfurt am Main, London or other cities (connecting flights last 15-37 hours).

If you fly with a change in Dusseldorf ("Air Berlin"), then you will return home in 21 hours, in New York ("Aeroflot") - in 16.5 hours, in Chicago and Warsaw ("LOT Polish Airlines") - in 18 hours, in New York and Dusseldorf ("American Airlines") - in almost 22 hours, in London ("British Airlines") - after 15.5 hours, in Washington and Copenhagen ("Sas") - after 20 hours, in Paris ("Air France") - almost 16 hours later, in Rome ("Alitalia") - after 17 hours, in Zurich ("Swiss") - almost 20 hours later, in Frankfurt am Mayte and Vienna ("United Airlines ") - in 20.5 hours.

Choosing an airline

Flights from Los Angeles to Moscow are operated by such air carriers (with them you will fly on AirbusA 340-600, Boeing 757-200, AirbusA 330-300, Boeing 777-200 and other aircrafts), such as: "Transaero"; Delta Airlines; Virgin Atlantic; Finnair, Lufthansa, Brussels Airlines and others.

Check-in for the Los Angeles - Moscow flight is carried out at the Los Angeles airport LAX (special shuttle buses are provided for moving between the terminals). Here, before setting off, you will be offered to spend time in the waiting room (there is free Wi-Fi, luggage storage, ATMs, exchange office, shops, kiosks with the latest press and souvenirs). And for little travelers there are game rooms.

Things to do on the plane?

During a rather long flight, you will be able to sleep, read a book or magazine, and also think about whom to present with gifts purchased in Los Angeles: souvenirs with the image of the American flag, amulets and talismans created by American Indians, souvenir Oscar figurines, T-shirts with "Hollywood" lettering, denim and vintage style.


  • How long is the flight from Los Angeles to Moscow?
  • How long is the flight from Los Angeles to Moscow?
  • How long is the flight from Los Angeles to Moscow?