Miami districts - name, description, photo of Miami districts, where to stay for a tourist

Miami districts

Miami districts

Looking at the city map, you can see the numerous areas of Miami: for convenience, they are combined into 4 groups - the northern, southern, central and western parts..

Names and descriptions of major Miami neighborhoods

  • Coconut Grove: in addition to nightclubs, tourists will be interested in the "Coco Walk" entertainment center (shops, a cinema, restaurants are open here) and a large square surrounded by larch trees. This area is also famous for its festivals and carnivals - for example, guests of Miami will be able to visit the Junkanoo parade, wine festival and arts festival.
  • Key Biscayne: Key Biscayne attractions include the Oceanarium (shows performances in which seals and dolphins take part), an ancient lighthouse (its age is more than 170 years old), parks and areas for cycling and rollerblading.
  • Downtown: in addition to skyscrapers, museums, headquarters of famous companies and shops of various sizes (many buildings are equipped with observation decks), there are Bayfront (pleases vacationers with an amphitheater, fountains, lawns and palm trees) and 200th Anniversary Park - ideal places for walking and accommodation for a picnic on the lawn. And since there is a seaport in this area, if you wish, you can go on an excursion on one of the cruise ships.
  • Watson Island: it is only a few minutes away from the center of Miami - it is interesting for its Children's Museum (this mini-town with a hospital, a store, a fire station and other facilities invites young guests to try on different professions and communicate with the inhabitants of the wildlife corner), Yacht Club and Jungle Island (a great place to admire tropical birds, llamas, tigers, kangaroos, baboons and other animals).
  • Virginia Key: travelers are recommended to relax on sandy beaches and visit the Oceanarium (guests will meet sharks, sea turtles and lions, rays, Florida manatees).
  • Little Haiti: This area is a must for anyone looking to experience Haitian culture in Haitian heritage and art museums in Haiti.
  • Little Havana: This area is not recommended to visit after dark due to the relatively high crime rate, but during the daytime you can visit quite affordable local cafes and shops, get Cuban souvenirs and drop into the fruit market. A visit to Little Havana is recommended to coincide with the Cuban Carnival Calle Ocho.

Where to stay for tourists

Travelers looking to live in an area filled with nightlife should check out hotels in the Coconut Grove area. Travelers looking to live in coastal areas can stay in South Beach (water sports enthusiasts such as surfing, diving and sailing + accommodation facilities of all price categories are available here) and Sunny Isles (a place ideal for families with children).

Photos of Miami neighborhoods

  • Miami districts
  • Miami districts
  • Miami districts