A trip to the USA

A trip to the USA

A trip to the USA

Traveling to the United States should not be limited to visiting just one city. This country deserves to get to know it in more detail.


This is the second most popular travel option in the country after a car. The buses that serve the trips are very comfortable with mandatory air conditioning and a large luggage compartment.

The ticket prices are quite high. If you are planning to save money, then go on a trip on a weekday. It is also advisable to book tickets in advance (not less than 5 days in advance). In this case, the cost sometimes drops to 40%.

In a city bus, the money is transferred to the driver for travel. You should immediately forget about delivery, so stock up on a trifle.


To catch a car, you just need to stand at the edge of the road with your hand raised. The nearest free car will drive up to you immediately. But in rural areas, a car must be ordered by phone..


You can find the metro in any major city.

Air travel

There are a lot of airports in the country. Domestic flights are very popular. By air, residents of the country prefer to travel medium and long distances. That is why even the most remote provincial towns have their own airport..

Air travel is the usual mode of travel for Americans. And its only difference from a bus and a car is speed. Purchasing tickets and checking in for a flight has been simplified to a minimum. By the way, you will have to pay extra for meals during the flight, but soft drinks are included in the ticket price..

Railway transport

Americans do not like to travel by rail. Train speeds are significantly lower than that of airplanes, but the ticket price is almost the same. In addition, taking into account the vast territory of the United States, such trips take quite a long time..

Double-decker cars run in the western part of the country. You can also meet such "superliners" on the eastern routes. But mainly single-deck cars are used here, with various configurations..

Car rental

It is convenient to travel around the country in a rented car. You can rent a car only if you have a driver's license and a certain age. The driver must be over 21 years old. In some companies, this age has been increased to 25 years..

Good to know:

  • Each state of the country has its own rules of the road, which can cause a lot of trouble for guests from Europe.
  • Driving while intoxicated is a criminal offense.
  • If you like to ride with the breeze, then there are special high-speed tracks for this. But you will have to pay for travel on them.
  • If you were stopped by a local patrol, be sure to follow all the instructions of the policeman. Disobedience can lead to serious trouble.

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  • A trip to the USA
  • A trip to the USA
  • A trip to the USA