Airport in Chicago: scheme, photo. How to get to Chicago airport

Airport in Chicago

Airport in Chicago

The city of Chicago is served by two airports. The most popular is the main international airport of the city, which is called O'Hare, which will be mainly written about in this article. The second most important airport is Midway.

O'Hare airport

The airport is located almost 30 kilometers northwest of the Chicago Loop. It is the largest hub for the famous American airline United Airlines, which operates almost half of all flights. The airport is also an important hub for American Airlines.
About a million take-offs and landings take place here every year - for a long time the airport ranked first in this indicator. However, since 2005, he ceded this seat to the Atlanta airport..
O'Hare Airport cooperates with many airlines and accepts aircraft from 60 airports in other countries.


The airport has 4 active terminals, construction of additional buildings is planned.
International flights are served by Terminal 5, respectively, terminals 1,2,3 are responsible for domestic flights. Terminal 4 was rebuilt as a base for buses, shuttles and other ground transport, immediately after the construction of International Terminal 5.


The airport offers its passengers various services necessary on the road: ATMs, post office, cafes, luggage storage, etc..


The city can be reached in several ways, the most popular is the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), from here tourists can easily reach the city center by train.
And, of course, buses and taxis offer their services..


Airport in Chicago O'Hare very often appears in various movies and TV shows. An example is the well-known movie "Home Alone" 1 and 2. In both parts, the main characters of the film were sent from Terminal 3.

Midway airport

The airport is located about 10 km from the city center. The main airline operating from this airport is Southwest Airlines. More than 17 million passengers are served annually by the airport.
Accordingly, for Chicago, the airport is the second most important, after the above-described O'Hare airport.
Both airports are the largest in Illinois.

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