Water parks in Guangzhou - photos, prices, descriptions

Water parks in Guangzhou

Water parks in Guangzhou

A visit to the Guangzhou Waterpark will make an overwhelmingly positive impression on its visitors of all ages - it has won international awards for its attractions and is renowned for its excellent service and pleasant environment..

Guangzhou Water Park

Aquapark “Chimelong Water Park” equipped with:

  • “Huge super bowl”, “Rapid races”, “Gushing path”, “By the mouth of a hippopotamus” (descent from a 20-meter height);
  • children's playground with appropriate slides of low height and angle of fall;
  • 5 km “drifting river” with water obstacles in the form of bridges, waterfalls, artificial waves (it is necessary to raft along it with the help of an inflatable circle);
  • a pool simulating waves (one of 9 types of waves reaches 1.5 m);
  • catering establishments.

It is worth noting that the dance floor hosts performances of dance groups, circus artists and rock groups, as well as the water park often pleases its visitors with laser shows, Hawaiian evenings, and the Brazilian carnival..

The cost of an entrance ticket for children (up to 1.2 m) is free of charge, a ticket for people aged 65+ and children with a height of 120-150 cm is 85 yuan, for adults - 150 yuan. Tickets in the evening are paid based on a different fare: an adult ticket costs 100 yuan, a child and senior ticket 50 yuan.

Vacationers in Guangzhou can also have fun at the water park “Big hippo water world” (the average entrance ticket costs $ 20-25) - it will delight them “lazy river”, children's and huge water slides for adults, pools of different depths and water temperatures, sun loungers and umbrellas.

Water activities in Guangzhou

Are you interested in accommodation in a hotel with a swimming pool? You can book a room in “Marriott Guangzhou Tianhe”, “The westin pazhou”, “Langham Place Guangzhou” or another hotel.

Tourists should pay attention to the Ocean World Oceanarium (entrance fee - $ 20) - here you can see more than 10,000 inhabitants housed in certain sections (there is an aquarium with ornamental fish, a seal pavilion, an aquarium with sharks, a tunnel with coral reefs, a tunnel dedicated to animals and plants of mountain rivers and lakes). In addition, the aquarium is equipped with a circular viewing corridor and a performance hall for animal performers..

While vacationing in Guangzhou, do not miss the opportunity to go on an evening stroll along the Pearl River - the price of the basic ticket includes the cost of coffee or tea, but if you wish, you can order a river trip with dinner (depending on the class of the boat and the characteristics of the river trip, you will pay for her 50-180 yuan; and the duration of the voyage is, as a rule, 1.5-2 hours).


  • Water parks in Guangzhou
  • Water parks in Guangzhou
  • Water parks in Guangzhou