Where to eat in Shanghai - inexpensive and tasty

Where to eat in Shanghai?

Where to eat in Shanghai?

Not sure where to eat in Shanghai? The city welcomes guests with restaurants with various cuisines of the world (from Indian to Japanese). There are streets full of restaurants, German pubs, Italian pizzerias ... In local establishments you can taste traditional Shanghai cuisine - fried noodles with shrimps, crab pies, shrimp dumplings, garlic eel in wine.

Where to eat in Shanghai cheap?

You can have a cheap snack right on the street - a variety of kebabs, partridges, tofu cheese, dumplings are sold here. One of the cheapest places is Shashi Xiaochi Shijie - here you will be offered to taste the famous noodle soup. It is worth noting that inexpensive food outlets should be found on Nanjing Street in the Bund.

Where to eat in Shanghai delicious?

  • “Shanghai old restaurant”: Founded in 1875, this establishment offers over 100 local specialties, stuffed duck, fried eel rings, fried prawns, Babao sauce ...
  • Lao Beijing: It is worth coming here to feast on Peking duck (cut into thin slices). As a complement to the dish, you will be served young onions, tangerine tortillas, sweet burdock sauce and sauce “Hoisin”. After the meat, soup will follow, which is made from the parts of the duck left after cutting it..
  • M on the Bund: This restaurant's menu features fine Chinese cuisine - foie gras, grilled lamb, pickled salmon.
  • Whisk Choco Caf: well worth a visit for snacks, desserts and drinks (be sure to try the hot Spanish chocolate and various chocolate desserts).
  • CJW: In one of the best view restaurants, you can sit behind a comfortable sofa, enjoy the taste of lobster and other seafood to the sound of live jazz (jazz performers perform every evening at this place).

Shanghai food tours

Take a hike to the tea market on a Shanghai food tour. In addition, you will attend a Chinese tea ceremony, learn how to choose, brew, store and drink tea correctly. If you wish, you can look into wine shops and wineries, as well as taste Chinese wines.

Your food city tour may include a visit to a restaurant “Hongqiji” (“Red rooster”) - in addition to the fact that here you will try national dishes, you will be amazed by the fact that the waiters here move on rollers in order to quickly serve the guests who have arrived.

In Shanghai, you will see the TV tower “Pearl of the East”, Jinmao skyscraper, relax in parks with fountains, canals and lakes, visit museums and the Shanghai terrarium, as well as authentic restaurants where you can get acquainted with Chinese and Shanghai cuisine.


  • Where to eat in Shanghai?
  • Where to eat in Shanghai?
  • Where to eat in Shanghai?