Capital of China: map, photo. What is the capital city in China?

Beijing - the capital of China

Beijing - the capital of China

The capital of China, Beijing, takes only the third place on the podium in terms of the number of inhabitants. The last decades have played an important role in the development of the city, turning it into the main business center of the country. But the capital, nevertheless, has retained a huge number of interesting places..

History of the city

Beijing became widely known only in the 13th century. It was at this time that the city was occupied by the Mongols, who made it their capital. Until that time, Beijing was an ordinary fortress surrounded by a high city wall..

What is worth seeing?

  • The main attraction of Beijing is the Forbidden City. The largest palace complex, which served as the main residence of the country's rulers since the 15th century. It is located in the very center of the capital, and its walls were home to twenty-four dynasties. According to the legend, the building has almost 10 thousand rooms, but perhaps there are many secret, still unknown rooms. The Gate of Heavenly Peace will also be interesting. This is the main entrance to the Forbidden City, destroyed and rebuilt more than once..
  • The next attraction of the capital is the tombs where the emperors from the Ming dynasty are buried. By the way, this is the most visited place by tourists. The tombs are located fifty kilometers from the city among the mountains. The location was not chosen by chance, since in the event of an attack, the mountains would become a certain obstacle..
  • The great Wall of China. Anyone has either heard of it, or at least once seen it in the picture. But, only having been in the immediate vicinity, you can appreciate the full power of this structure, like a huge snake crawling over the horizon. A part of the wall, located not far from Beijing (only 80 kilometers away), has been restored and has now become a place of real pilgrimage for numerous tourists.
  • Tiananmen Square can accommodate a million people at the same time. This is the largest square in the whole world. Its center is decorated with a monument to the People's Heroes, 38 meters high.
  • Yiheyuan Park once served as a promenade for the royal family. It was here that the summer residence of the rulers was located. Now it is an excellent excursion place that allows you to admire the temples, pavilions and residential buildings located along the artificial lake..

The life of Beijing never stops in the city for a second. And therefore, in addition to sightseeing walks and visiting sights, you can also afford a crazy night revel. Almost all establishments of the city receive guests until the early morning. Of course, the main visitors to such events are students..



  • Beijing - the capital of China
  • Beijing - the capital of China
  • Beijing - the capital of China