Taxi in Beijing - prices, order. How much does a taxi cost in Beijing

Taxi in Beijing

Taxi in Beijing

Taxis in Beijing are cars of different colors with a yellow line in the center of the body, and a luminous sign on the roof “Taxi”.

Taxi services in Beijing

You can find a car in parking lots, order it at the hotel reception, call the taxi hotline (96 106 or 96 103) or use the Didi Taxi app (by sending an order message, nearby drivers using the same app quickly come to the call).

If the driver is ready to take a potential client to the address he needs, he will raise a red flag (you will see it on the windshield), but as soon as you get into the car, the driver will remove this sign and turn on the meter.

Since not every taxi driver speaks English, it is advisable to have a sheet with the name of the place you need to get to, written in Chinese, or a map of the city, which reflects the Chinese names of famous places (you can get a map at a hotel or shops for tourists).

If you remain dissatisfied with the quality of services, you can call the hotline with a complaint: + 86 10 6835 1570.

Cycle rickshaws in Beijing

To drive through the narrow streets of the historic districts of Beijing (cars and buses cannot pass through them), you should resort to the services of a cycle rickshaw. You will be able to find their parking near markets and large shops, as well as in tourist places. It is worth noting that the fare for a cycle rickshaw is higher than for a regular taxi: a 2-3-hour train will cost 150-200 yuan.

Taxi cost in Beijing

To find out how much a taxi costs in Beijing, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the current tariffs:

  • Initial fee (landing + 3 km) - 13 RMB.
  • After 3 km of travel, travel is paid based on the price of 2 yuan / 1 km.
  • Waiting more than 5 minutes is charged as for 1 km of the way. In addition, additional charges apply for travel on bridges and highways..
  • The night fare increases the fare by 20%, and if you go on a long-distance trip, after overcoming 15 km, 50% will be added for each subsequent km..
  • It is worth considering that if you cover more than 3 km by taxi, the taxi driver will add 3 yuan (fuel surcharge) to the total bill..

On average, a ride from the airport to downtown Beijing costs RMB 85.

Beijing drivers often deceive tourists, convincing them that the taximeter does not work in their car (it must be turned on, otherwise the drivers are fined 100-2000 yuan) in order to arbitrarily set the fare. In this case, you should insist on turning on the meter or get out of the car and change to another.

Please note that you cannot smoke in Beijing taxis (there is a corresponding sign in the cabin) - you can be fined 100-200 yuan.

The most convenient way to get around the capital of China is by taxi, especially since they are represented by new cars, both domestic and imported..

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