Water parks in Beijing - photos, prices, description

Water parks in Beijing

Water parks in Beijing

In addition to pagodas, ancient palaces and temples, Beijing is famous for its water parks - travelers are not recommended to deprive them of their attention..

Water parks in Beijing

Aquapark “Water cube” has:

  • 13 slides: “Bullet maelstrom”, “Tornado” (100m pipe), “Aqua loop” (equipped with a capsule to accelerate free fall), “Downhill” (speed - 6 m / s);
  • spa, a swimming pool with artificial waves (wave height can reach 2 meters) and “lazy river”;
  • a children's area (there are slides, water attractions, geysers, barrels of water overturning every 2 minutes);
  • cafe (you can order salads, sandwiches, soft drinks) and souvenir shops.

In addition, there is a stage in the water park - fascinating show programs are held here (dance shows, an interactive game “Sea dream”, “Feast of Poseidon”), and behind it is a screen on which films, entertainment programs and broadcasts of what is happening in the complex are shown. Important: in “Water cube” it is forbidden to bring food and drinks, rest mats and boats, and since shampoo, towels and a swimming cap are not provided here, it is advisable to take care of these things yourself.

Entrance fees: 1.2-1.5 meter children (up to 1.2 m - free) - 220 yuan (whole day), adults - 260 yuan / whole day and 220 yuan / night ticket; inflatable mattress rental - 50-150 yuan; rent a locker (you can leave your belongings and money here) - 20 yuan.

Aquapark “City seaview” pleases visitors with water slides, including children's ones (guests are offered to rent an inflatable ring - 10 yuan + a deposit of 50 yuan); trigger ball; massage, fishing, flowing pool; bath with thermal water; water bar and restaurant with Chinese and Western cuisine.

Entrance fee: adult ticket - 70 yuan, child ticket (children up to 140 cm) - 50 yuan; use of a ball for walking on water - 30 RMB, and a playground for playing beach volleyball - 100 RMB / 1 hour; left-luggage office - 15 RMB + 25 RMB / deposit.

Water activities in Beijing

Vacationers in Beijing should pay attention to the underwater world “Taipinyan” (entrance - 80 yuan), located under the tower of the Central TV: moving along the transparent tunnel, you will see river and sea fish. It is worth noting that the Penguin House is located in the aquarium (here you can “chat” with Humboldt penguins from Peru); section of the Small Pond with colorful coral and fish from tropical rivers; section Touch (offers to touch sharks and other underwater inhabitants); a section of Performances, where you can attend a seal show (animals perform tricks with rings, play with balls) and see the shark feeding process (scuba divers tell those who wish to use the underwater equipment and invite them to communicate with turtles and sharks underwater). Well, to complete the entertainment program, you can visit the Underwater Western Restaurant (it will delight you with a rich menu and pleasant music).


  • Water parks in Beijing
  • Water parks in Beijing