Water parks in Feodosia - photos, prices, description

Water parks in Feodosia

Water parks in Feodosia

In addition to magnificent landscapes and a unique health climate, Feodosia pleases travelers with a variety of entertainment..

Water park in Feodosia

The local water park is located near Feodosia in Koktebel and has:

  • children's attractions, stylized as fairy-tale characters;
  • adult slides, including a slide-tunnel: so, you should highlight “Boats flying up” (when riding an inflatable raft, you will change the angle of fall twice), “Space hole” (high-speed skating is accompanied by special effects, in particular, audiovisual), “Coastal Brotherhood” (attraction in the form of 3 pipes - they are intertwined), “Free fall”(descent speed - 12 m / s), “Multi-surfing” and “Multi-slide” (skiing on the last 2 slides is carried out by sliding on parallel open tracks, which allows organizing family competitions);
  • swimming pools, hot tubs, sun loungers, installed both in the open sun and under awnings;
  • attraction “Family rafting” (a slide that involves sliding on an inflatable floating vehicle - a raft, designed for several people);
  • first-aid post, showers, toilets, lockers, guarded parking lot.

With the onset of dusk, the territory of the water park is illuminated, evening shows are organized with the participation of presenters and DJs.

Cost of stay: an adult ticket costs 1200 rubles / full day (4 hours - 1000 rubles), and a child ticket (children 100-130 cm tall) costs 800 and 600 rubles, respectively. As for children, whose height is less than 100 cm, they can stay in the water park for free.

Children under 14 years old can visit the water park only when accompanied by adults; if you lose the bracelet, you will have to pay a fine of 1000 rubles; for using the luggage room, you will be asked to pay 100 rubles, leaving the same amount as a deposit (if you lose the key, the deposit will not be returned to you).

Water activities in Feodosia

The dolphinarium deserves the attention of tourists “Nemo”: they are delighted here with an enchanting program (animals draw, do somersaults in the air, and also arrange a romantic night show) and are offered to take part in dolphin therapy sessions, including with elements of psychotherapy and psychocorrection (this is important for children who have faced certain problems with health).

From the beaches it is worth taking a closer look at the Golden, Pearl beaches, the beach “Pebbles” - rent of boats, jet skis, sailboats is available everywhere.

Those interested in diving can be offered to go on underwater excursions, including exploring the ship that sank in 1942 in the Feodosiya Gulf. “Jean Jaures” and the steamer blown up by a mine in 1916 “Tsarevich Alexey Nikolaevich”. Interesting places for diving: Cape Chauda and Meganom, Karadag reserve. If we talk about prices, then a standard 30-50 minute dive costs 2500 rubles (for photo and video filming, you need to pay 300 rubles).


  • Water parks in Feodosia
  • Water parks in Feodosia