Beaches of Sevastopol: photo, video. The best sandy beaches of Sevastopol (Russia - Crimea)

Sevastopol beaches

Sevastopol beaches

The hero city of Sevastopol attracts tourists largely due to the historical events that took place on its territory. The city has a lot of exhibitions, museums of military equipment and other reminders of troubled times and unforgettable pages of history. However, people come here not only to enrich their baggage of cultural and historical knowledge, but also just to relax. The beaches of Sevastopol invite everyone who wants to combine business with pleasure: sunbathe, admire the dolphins and get acquainted with the military history of Crimea.

In the vicinity of Sevastopol and in the city itself, there are a huge number of beaches - there are up to fifty recreation sites. There are much fewer fully equipped comfortable beaches, but not every vacationer needs to be provided with all kinds of beach equipment, some are content with wild beaches. It is noteworthy that the entrance to all the beaches of Sevastopol is absolutely free.

Beaches on the northern side of Sevastopol

The best sandy beaches of Sevastopol are located in this part of it. For example, the beach «Uchkuevka» will delight vacationers with a whole set of pleasant details:

  1. clean, fine sand;
  2. a large strip of coast;
  3. a decent number of cafes and restaurants for every taste and budget;
  4. pine forest park nearby.

Those who come on vacation by their own car can visit the beaches in other villages, for example, in Orlovka, Lyubimovka or Kach. A pleasant addition to the good service there will also be the sale of fruits at affordable prices, as well as the opportunity to settle in a ward town. Children will find rides and water slides here, while adults can relax in peace. Sometimes festivals are held on local beaches where you can dance all night long and enjoy refreshing drinks. All these beaches are very spacious, so there is enough space for everyone..

Beaches on the south side of Sevastopol

The largest beach here is considered «Omega», located in the sandy Kruglaya bay. The beach is ideal for families with children, and adults will find entertainment here to their liking. Boat and catamaran rental, many bars and cafes, as well as free discos will not let you get bored. There is a local yacht club nearby, so the skyline is often dotted with small sailboats..

There is a beach in the very center of the city «Crystal» on the shore of the bay of the same name. The entrance to the beach is via small stairs. The depth of the sea is very tangible - 2 meters from the very entrance to the water, so it is not recommended to relax with children here. Beach equipment and the opportunity to visit the changing room or shower is provided only to tourists staying at a local hotel.

Photos of the beaches of Sevastopol

  • Sevastopol beaches
  • Sevastopol beaches
  • Sevastopol beaches
  • Sevastopol beaches