Sevastopol for children - what to see. Where to go with a child in Sevastopol

Sevastopol for children

Sevastopol for children

Walking along the streets of Sevastopol, you can see a large number of children around. In other words, Sevastopol is a city for children. What does he owe such love of kids? The answer is very simple: there is something to see with children and where to go.
Undoubtedly, in the city you can easily find many different activities for children. Huge «damn» the wheel in the park immediately meets the guests of Sevastopol near the bus and railway stations. Also, the park has a lot of other interesting attractions for children of all ages..

«Lukomorye has a green oak ...»

When visiting Sevastopol, be sure to take your child at least once to the eco-park «Lukomorye». You will plunge into a living Pushkin's fairy tale with many characters. The gaming complex is equipped with many slot machines and attractions. Also, there are many museums here that are not boring, but on the contrary interesting for children. Give your child a great vacation in the Children's Town, in gratitude you will hear ringing laughter and a radiant smile.
On the beaches of Sevastopol, children are waiting for colorful carousels, skiing on «bananas» and «pills», trampolines, slides and the like.

Rest in the outskirts of the city is better?

You do not have to think long about where to go with your child, where to have fun. The tourism infrastructure is actively developing in all resort villages near Sevastopol. They chose the most correct course: family vacations. Hotels in these towns provide good leisure time for the little ones. Pools, playgrounds with swings, various playrooms, educators and even animators - you can find all this in any such hotel. As for the animators, if you want to develop your child in a creative direction, we recommend that you enroll him in a children's animation school «Magic lantern».


If you want to send your children to a camp on vacation, then we recommend that you choose not just one, but a children's health camp. «Albatross». Located on the former sites of Prince Yusupov, it boasts a beautiful azure sea, a comfortable beach, an indescribable sea breeze mixed with the spirit of steppe grasses.
Is your child fond of various types of martial arts or just sports? Then you are in the Association of Traditional Karate-Do. There he will be taught such types of wrestling as aikido and fudokan..
Your child from 1 to 6 years old can be enrolled in an early development studio «Smart girl». There he will be given a good basic knowledge of the English language in the form of interesting educational games.


  • Sevastopol for children
  • Sevastopol for children