Taxi in Tbilisi - prices, order. How much does a taxi cost in Tbilisi

Taxi in Tbilisi

Taxi in Tbilisi

Taxis in Tbilisi are represented by both official and private cars, and since taxi drivers compete with each other, fares can be very reasonable.

Taxi services in Tbilisi

Taxis can be hailed on the side of the road with a wave of your hand, or you can find them near busy places, shopping malls and markets. It is quite simple to distinguish which taxi is in front of you - an official or a private one: on the official ones you will see the phone numbers of the companies-owners.

You can call a taxi by contacting well-known taxi companies:

  • “Omega Taxi” (they drive up to the call “Opel” or “Mercedes”): 237-78-77;
  • “Express taxi” (the taxi fleet is dominated by “Opel”): 291-20-05;
  • “Service Suite” (mostly people drive up to the call “Toyota”): 253-55-35;
  • “Autogas - Nostalgia” (in the taxi fleet there are “Opel”, “Mercedes”, “Volkswagens”): 291-14-14, 294-14-14.

Advice: if you like a ride with a certain driver, you can only use his services throughout your stay by exchanging phone numbers with him (even the drivers of official taxis agree to provide such a service).

Guests of the Georgian capital should not have problems communicating with local drivers - many of them speak Russian.

Moto-taxi in Tbilisi

To travel around the city, you can use the services of a motorcycle taxi - a motorcyclist driver offers his clients to quickly and without traffic jams get to the desired destination (the fare is the same as in a regular taxi). Important: before the trip, passengers are instructed about safety rules and asked to wear a protective helmet.

Additional services

If you wish, you, as a tourist, can rent a car, either without or with a driver. And if necessary, they can provide you with GPS navigation or child car seats..

Car rental companies such as “Geo Rent Car” (Lermontov street, 9), “Info Tbilisi Cars” (Nikoladze street, 6), “Concord Motors” (Barnova street, 82), “Jeep Rent” (Marjanishvili street, 5).

Taxi cost in Tbilisi

Don't know how much a taxi costs in Tbilisi? The following information will help you to get acquainted with approximate prices:

  • the fare is calculated based on the price of 1 lari / 1 km;
  • for waiting, drivers charge about 10 lari / 1 hour;
  • for renting a taxi for the whole day, clients pay at least 80 GEL.

It is advisable to discuss the route and the cost of the trip with private drivers before boarding, and when ordering a taxi by phone, you can find out about the approximate cost of travel by asking this question to the dispatcher (some official taxis are equipped with meters).

A trip outside the city costs on average 30 GEL, around the city - 3-6 GEL, and from the city center to Tbilisi Airport - at least 20-25 GEL.

A taxi in Tbilisi is a fairly convenient way to move from one end of the city to the other, as well as for trips to the main attractions..

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