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Tours in Tbilisi

Tours in Tbilisi

Everyone who at least once in his life has heard a live performance of a Georgian male choir is already in love with Georgia completely and irrevocably. Its capital is a desirable destination for a traveler who cannot be reached by the "allinkly exclusive" and seal existence on the golden beach of even the coolest resort. So give tours to Tbilisi - a city where your heart aches all the time from a strange mixture of tenderness and delight, and your legs always dance a little: either from a glass of the best "Kindzmarauli", or from the anticipation of a pleasant meeting with people whose souls are open and childlike..

History with geography

Familiar to Russian travelers under the name Tiflis, Tbilisi has been known since the 4th century. According to an old legend, it arose due to the discovery of medicinal sulfur springs, which even today are a good reason to look into the famous Tbilisi baths..
The city is spread out in the Kura valley and on the slopes of the adjacent mountains. The most interesting for tour participants in Tbilisi is the old center and quarters where houses built in the 19th century have been preserved.

Briefly about different things

  • The climate in the Georgian capital can be called subtropical. Winter is quite mild and dry here. In December-February, precipitation is rare, and temperature indicators almost never drop below -10. Summer in Tbilisi is hot and long, and the thermometers at this time of the year can show up to +40. The most pleasant period for tours in Tbilisi is autumn, when the heat has already receded, and precipitation is unlikely.
  • The main air gateway of the country is Tbilisi International Airport, which receives daily direct flights from Moscow and dozens of other cities..
  • The most convenient way to get around the city on tours in Tbilisi is by metro. Payment for his services is made with the help of refillable plastic cards, which can be used to pay for travel in city route taxis..
  • The city center is connected to the park on Mount Mtatsminda by an old funicular, opened after a major restoration in 2013. It was built at the beginning of the twentieth century and is one of the largest and most beautiful in the world..
  • Abanotubani is a quarter of those very sulfur baths, built in the period from the 17th to the 19th century. Standing on natural sulfur springs, the baths are a meeting place for local residents and an indispensable attraction for tourists. The oldest bathhouse is Iraklievskaya, it is located on the right bank of the Kura.
  • The most ancient structure, which is shown to the participants of the tour in Tbilisi, is the Anchiskhati Orthodox Church, which adorned the city already in the 6th century..

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  • Tours in Tbilisi
  • Tours in Tbilisi