Population of Georgia. Population in Georgia: features, density, composition

Population of Georgia

Population of Georgia

The population of Georgia is more than 4 million people (on average, 70 people live per 1 sq. Km).

The ethnic composition of Georgia is represented by:

  • Georgians;
  • Armenians;
  • Azerbaijanis;
  • other nations (Russians, Ossetians, Abkhazians, Greeks, Germans, Poles, Bulgarians).

Georgians are the descendants of tribes that settled in Western Transcaucasia in ancient times. The Georgian people were formed thanks to related tribes (Kartas, Megrelo-Chans and Svans) - they have been engaged in cattle breeding and agriculture for many centuries. And at the beginning of the 20th century, Georgians began to engage in tea production, winemaking, silkworm breeding, beekeeping, fishing..

The state language is Georgian, but Armenian, Russian and Azerbaijani languages ​​are widely used..

Large cities: Batumi, Tbilisi, Rustavi, Kutaisi, Sukhum, Tskhinvali, Zugdidi.

Residents of Georgia profess Orthodoxy, Catholicism, Islam.

Life span

The male population lives on average up to 73, and the female population - up to 80 years.

Sufficiently high life expectancy rates are largely due to the characteristic feature of Georgian cuisine - people in Georgia eat vegetables both as independent dishes and as a side dish for meat food. Tomatoes, beans, eggplants are held in high esteem among Georgians..

The main diseases that the population of Georgia suffers from are cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the digestive system and genitourinary system..

Traditions and customs

Hospitality is one of the main traditions in Georgia: guests are respected and loved here. Previously, the peoples of Georgia allocated special rooms or houses for guests, which they could freely enter to eat or spend the night..

Wedding traditions are of particular interest. There are always a lot of people at a Georgian wedding, because according to tradition, all relatives from the side of the bride and groom must be present at the wedding. Having got married, the young must go to their future home: before the bride enters it, the groom must release a white bird into the sky, having previously climbed onto the roof of the house. After that, the newlyweds must drink wine from one glass: first, the groom must sip the wine, and then the bride, but before giving her the glass, he must put a ring there, which he will later put on his beloved's finger. After that, guests are invited to a wedding feast (Georgian weddings are always noisy and fun with dances and songs). As for the costs of the wedding, most of the costs are borne by the groom's family, while the main “capital” the bride is chastity, modesty, thriftiness, docile nature.

If in Georgia you are invited to a table - do not refuse (Georgians treat such refusals painfully).


  • Population of Georgia
  • Population of Georgia
  • Population of Georgia