Culture of Georgia: traditions, features

Culture of Georgia

Culture of Georgia

Even if the meaning of the concept "Culture of Georgia" was only in the singing of its male choirs, this would already be enough to endlessly love the work of this great people. Fortunately, there are also legends and tales, painting and architecture, which means that the culture of Georgia is a multifaceted and polished gem for centuries, the likes of which nature no longer began to create..

A depth of thousands ... years

Folk music of Georgians was born so long ago that no one now even remembers how it all began. Wandering mestvire singers delighted their listeners with wise and melodic legends, performed by magnificent voices to the accompaniment of bagpipes, many centuries ago.
Today male choirs are unique musical groups performing polyphonic songs, distinguished by harmony and severity, and the soloists of even the simplest rural choir can perform complex and virtuoso passages. A huge list of folk musical instruments, which includes wind beeches and avili, string changi and chianuri, percussion bobgani and dumbo.

On the verge of the impossible

The charm of the culture of Georgia is manifested to the same extent when you get acquainted with its architectural sights. In the 5th century, monumental construction began to develop, the most striking examples of which were and remain ancient temples. The most famous is the Bolnisi Zion - the basilica, the construction of which was begun in the 5th century. The walls of the temple are entwined with ancient inscriptions, and the carved capitals of its columns contain decorations in the form of images of animals and floral ornaments..
The most beautiful example of Georgian architecture is the Jvari temple, located on the top of the mountain, where the Aragvi and Kura rivers merge. UNESCO specialists called the temple a masterpiece of forms and content and made it the first in the country to be included in the lists of World Cultural Heritage.

Passion on stage

The Georgian temperament is especially pronounced in the dance. Georgian folk dance is the same recognizable symbol of the country as ancient temples or paintings by the great and inimitable Niko Pirosmani. At the end of the Great Patriotic War, a legendary collective was created in Tbilisi - the Folk Dance Ensemble of Georgia. Since then, its participants have given thousands of concerts, where viewers have the opportunity to get acquainted with an important component of Georgian culture..


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