What is the sea in Georgia? Sea in Georgia: photo, map

Sea of ​​Georgia

Sea of ​​Georgia

Hospitable and beautiful Georgia remains so, regardless of any political confrontation. Vacation or vacations in the Caucasian republic become a natural choice for those who prefer to see historical sights in a short time, find out what seas are in Georgia, feel the hospitality of the owners and, of course, taste the best wines. By the way, rest on the beaches is a separate song, from which it is difficult to throw out even one word..

Beach vacation

When asked which sea washes Georgia, local residents answer with pride and a smile. They love and respect their Black Sea, because it is it that is the guarantor of many Georgian features and pleasant moments. The Black Sea, for example, actively participates in shaping the weather in Georgia, bringing its special contribution to the climatic features of the country..
The season on the beaches of Batumi begins at the end of May, when the air warms up to +25, and the water - to +18 degrees. At this time, the first stream of holidaymakers appears, who like the fresh coolness in the morning and light breezes that soften the afternoon heat. The climate in the region of the main resort of Georgia is classified as subtropical, which allows the palm trees on the embankment to feel great.

Interesting Facts

  • The Black Sea is considered one of the youngest on the planet. Historians believe that only some 8-10 thousand years ago it was a lake.
  • Through the Bosphorus Strait, the Black Sea is connected with the Marmara Sea, and through the Dardanelles with the Mediterranean. Then the Strait of Gibraltar carries the waters of the Georgian Sea into the Atlantic Ocean..
  • On the Black Sea, ebb and flow are almost invisible, since the change in water level does not exceed 10 centimeters.
  • The main danger of storms here exists only in winter, when the wave height can reach 15 meters..

About living creatures

A huge number of living creatures live in the Black Sea, among which are dolphins. The most common type of these intelligent animals is called the bottlenose dolphin. They are friendlier than others towards people and more often than not «act» in performances in dolphinariums in different countries. But the sharks in the Black Sea are not quite real, in the sense that they do not attack people. The Black Sea katran shark can reach a length of one and a half meters and weigh up to 15 kilograms. The rest of the Black Sea fauna are numerous fish and molluscs. The most common are mackerel, sardines, gobies, and rapana. The shells of the latter are popular souvenirs from the shores of the Black Sea..

Photos of the coast of Georgia

  • Sea of ​​Georgia