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Japan Holidays

Japan Holidays

Holidays in Japan are not only 15 official holidays when the Japanese have the right to rest, but also many traditional holidays characteristic of certain cities and even villages, accompanied by dances, chants, fireworks ...

The Japanese do not congratulate each other on most holidays. The exception is important events, such as a birthday, the appearance of a child in the family, enrollment in an institute. And on such occasions the Japanese give each other useful gifts - food, alcohol, soap, towels ...

Major holidays in Japan

  • New Year: December 28-January 04, the whole country is resting, and by this time structures made of pine, bamboo, fern, straw are installed in the houses (bunches of algae, tangerines, shrimps act as decorations) - they are a symbol of joy from the arrival of the festive deity. On December 31, Japanese families gather around a plentiful table, but everything is pretty quiet. And at midnight, when the New Year comes into its own, you can hear the ringing of bells (108 beats), coming from Buddhist temples, each blow of which is a symbol of getting rid of the pernicious passions inherent in people.
  • Coming of Age Day: on the second Monday of January, a holiday is held for all Japanese who have just crossed the 20-year mark - they are endowed with the rights and responsibilities of adults, and it is from this age that they are allowed to smoke and consume alcoholic beverages. In honor of this holiday, a ceremony is held, during which young men and women are congratulated, given parting words, given gifts, after which a party is held.
  • Girls' Day: on the 3rd day of the 3rd month, girls put on smart kimonos, give them gifts, treat them to sweets, allow them to admire dolls (exhibition of Hina dolls) and visit their girlfriends. In a playful way, an upbringing lesson is arranged for girls - they are taught the rules of good manners and restraining their desires and whims.
  • Emperor's birthday: On December 23, the emperor with the empress and the crown prince appear before the people. And everyone who wishes in the afternoon can look into the palace to write a congratulation to the emperor in a special book.

Event tourism in Japan

Arriving in Japan in March-April, you can admire the cherry blossoms - at this time, white and pinkish-white flowers bloom on hundreds of trees growing in gardens, parks, alleys. As a rule, the Japanese go to admire the flowering in large companies. If you wish, you can take an example from them and arrange a fun picnic by spreading rugs or blankets on the lawns of parks (you can take food and drinks with you or buy in tents located everywhere).

The life of the Japanese is transformed not only during the celebration of national and professional holidays, but also thanks to small annual miracles such as the blossoming of sakura, chrysanthemums, camellias, peaches ...


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