Prices in Astana - food, souvenirs, transport. How much money to take to Astana

Prices in Astana

Astana is a relatively young city and center of Kazakhstan. Its streets look modern and original - they are decorated with interesting architectural buildings, business centers, new buildings and beautiful hotels. Prices in Astana are lower than in Moscow. Therefore, everyone can have a good rest and have fun there. This city impresses with its large-scale projects. Nevertheless, the cost of services and food in Astana remains at an affordable level. Arriving in the capital of Kazakhstan, you can visit restaurants of national cuisine, trying unusual dishes. There are establishments in the city offering Kazakh, Uyghur and Dungan cuisine.

Examples of prices in Astana:

  • City transport - 30 tenge per trip;
  • Full dinner for two (3 dishes each) - 1500 tenge;
  • Grapes - 350 tenge per 1 kg.

What attracts Astana

The capital of Kazakhstan is a huge city with an area of ​​more than 200 square meters. km. Every year Astana becomes more and more attractive for foreigners. The original architectural appearance of the city combines elements of European and Eastern culture. The landscape of the capital was transformed in the shortest possible time. It continues to be actively built up today. Astana looks unusual at night. Many buildings are illuminated and all streets are well lit. Astana is the property of Kazakhstan, the embodiment of the national characteristics of the indigenous population. Arriving in the city, walk along Vodno-Zeleny Boulevard, look into the oceanarium, look at the monuments of Kazakh architecture.

Shopping centers in Astana

There are a lot of shops, shopping malls and boutiques in the Kazakh capital. The buyers are offered the same brands of goods as in Russia. Astana guests buy mainly ready-made clothes, fabrics and bijouterie. Many people come to the malls of the city to buy inexpensive and high quality knitwear. The shopping center is very popular among residents and visitors of the city. «Khan Shatyr», functioning since 2010, the Silver Peak of this building proudly rises above other buildings in Astana. There are many boutiques and shops in the mall. Famous brands are represented there: Mango, Zara, Nike, New Yorker, etc. Tourists can visit the entertainment center «Cosmodrome», water park and other establishments of the Kazakh capital. The largest shopping center in the city is MEGA. This mall has become an integral part of the megalopolis of Kazakhstan.

Astana city of the future