Resorts of Kazakhstan: photos, description

Resorts of Kazakhstan

Palm trees and snow-white beaches in the steppes of Kazakhstan have nowhere to come from, but this circumstance does not in the least upset fans of tourism and recreation in this interesting and vast country. For those who are exploring new directions and do not consider trips to distant seas as an end in themselves, the resorts of Kazakhstan and its natural and cultural attractions can be a worthy option for spending a vacation or a long-awaited vacation..

Rags to riches!

The lakes of Kazakhstan are an invaluable source of therapeutic mud, with the help of which many diseases of various etiologies are cured in local sanatoriums. Popular resorts in Kazakhstan are also rich in thermal waters, whose springs gush right at the foot of the local mountains:

  • On the shores of Lake Muyaldy, sanatoriums have been built, the basis of the therapeutic programs of which are silt and bitter-salt brine. Mud baths and sanatoriums in the village of Muyaldy relieve patients from diseases of the musculoskeletal system and gynecological pathologies.
  • Those who have a diagnosis of tuberculosis on their medical records come to the village of Borovoe. On the shore of the local lake there is a kumis-healing resort of Kazakhstan, and these places are called Kazakh Switzerland. Treatment in Borovoe is successfully complemented by walks in the national park.
  • Bayanaul reserve and lakes Zhasybai and Toraigyr are a source of pride for local residents. Tourist bases and children's health resorts annually receive thousands of guests who prefer to rest in the land of bizarre cliffs and forest oases.
  • At the Sary-Agach resort, the main healing factor is the local mineral water. With its help, the condition of patients with gastrointestinal problems is significantly stabilized..

For sports and active

Only the lazy has not heard about the high-mountain skating rink "Medeo" and the ski resorts of Kazakhstan. The local slopes can give a hundred points ahead even to the famous tracks of Austria and Switzerland, and the quality of the infrastructure is constantly growing from year to year..
In the resort of Tabagan, they have a great rest not only in winter, but also in summer. Mountain tourism, quad biking and cycling are especially popular among the guests of the complex..
Modern chair and drag lifts in a few minutes deliver alpine skiers to the top of the Talgar Pass in the Chimbulak resort. The length of downhill slopes here is 3500 meters, and both beginners and real pros can ride in this Kazakhstani resort..

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