Rivers of Kazakhstan - photo, list, description

Rivers of Kazakhstan

About seven thousand rivers flow through the country. And these are only those whose length exceeds the ten-kilometer mark. In total, there are more than thirty-nine thousand rivers and rivulets in Kazakhstan..

The largest rivers of Kazakhstan are Irtysh, Ural, Syrdarya, Tobol, Chu, Ishim and Ili. The length of each is more than a thousand kilometers.


Irtysh is the main tributary of the Ob. The total length of the river is 4,248 kilometers, across the territory of Kazakhstan «passes» 1835 kilometers of Irtysh.

The Irtysh is conventionally divided into «black» and «White». Black Irtysh - a section of the river before its confluence with Lake Zaisan. BUT «white» the river becomes after the passage of the Bukhtarma hydroelectric power station. Navigation on the river lasts from April to November.

Irtysh is just a paradise for a fishing brotherhood. Many varieties of fish are found here: noble nelma, stellate sturgeon, sterlet, sturgeon; simpler fish - pike, perch and crucian carp. In addition, carp, Baikal omul and Saadak were released into the river..


Ishim is the longest tributary of the Irtysh, flowing through the territory of Kazakhstan. The source of the river is high in the Niyaz Mountains. That is why, in its upper reaches, the Ishim is a typical mountain river flowing along the bottom of a narrow valley. After passing through Astana, the valley expands.

In the lower reaches, it is already a slow taiga river. The river passes through the most beautiful places and gradually birch groves give way to mixed forests. As you move north, river banks become wilder, with mined plots of land becoming less common.

Those who like to sit with a fishing rod will definitely like it here. After all, there are quite a lot of fish here and you can catch: pikes; ruff; bream and bastard; crucian carp; perches; tench; carp; ide. There are even crayfish in the river, which speaks of the purity of its water..


The total length of the river is 591 kilometers. The source is located in the eastern spurs of the Southern Urals. The upper course of the river stops in November, the lower one - at the end of October or the beginning of November. Ice drift begins in the second half of April, sometimes in early May.

The waters of Tobol offer a wide variety of fish. Here you can catch: bream; ide; Pike; burbot; zander; crucian carp; roach; rudd; ruff; perch; burbot.


The Syrdarya is the longest river in all of Central Asia. The source of the river is in the Fergana Valley at the confluence of two rivers - Karadarya and Naryn.

The Syr Darya is known by many names: the ancient Greeks called it Yaksart - «pearl river». For the Turkic-speaking peoples, she was Yenochouguz, and the Arabs called Syrdarya - Seikhan.

There are many ancient cities on the banks of the river, for example, Turkestan. There are many interesting places for tourists to see: the Sufi mausoleum (dated to the end of the 15th century); tombs of several Kazakh khans; railway station, built in 1905. You should definitely look into the city of Kyzylorda. The bright local attractions include: the Aytbay mosque and «Akmeshit»; Korkut-Ata monument.