Streets of Shymkent - photo, name. List of famous streets in Shymkent

Streets of Shymkent

Currently, there are not many parts of Asia that are of interest to the sophisticated tourist. And one of them, of course, is Shymkent. Not so long ago, only a few travelers paid attention to this direction, but today the streets of Shymkent meet more and more tourists..

As noted above, today the tourism sector in Kazakhstan and in Shymkent, in particular, is just beginning to develop actively, therefore, it is better to combine the cultural program offered by the tour operator with an independent study of the city. And for those who decide to do this, it is better to first study the names of the streets that are of greatest interest to tourists..

Kazybek bi

One of the oldest streets in the city. It is here that all the most beautiful sights of the city and ancient architectural monuments are concentrated. This street bears the imprints of tsarist Russia, the Soviet Union and the modern era, therefore, walking along it, you can marvel at the contrast between its various areas.

Republic street

A relatively young street. It is attractive for tourists primarily by the fact that there are many comfortable hotels and hotels. Indeed, judging by the reviews of many travelers, the hotel service in the city is at the level of the late USSR, so it is better to look for cozy temporary housing here..

Bauyrzhan Momyshuly Avenue

Another place that every tourist must include in his route. One of the most comfortable places for tourists in the city. It is a clean, well-groomed street with numerous hotels, shops, cafes and restaurants. And judging by the latest reviews of tourists, here you can even catch Wi-Fi, which for many will be a tangible plus.

Tauke Khan Avenue

Tauke Khan Avenue is also a fairly visited place, since the largest shopping and entertainment center in the city is located here. In order for everyone to be able to appreciate its scale, it is enough to know that the area of ​​the shopping and entertainment center is 28,523 sq.m, 14,099 sq.m of which are completely at the disposal of visitors..

Walk of Fame

The street with such a remarkable name belongs to one of the most significant sights of the city. It rests against the famous Abay Park, which is located in the heart of modern Shymkent. Just a couple of steps and the concrete jungle is replaced by green lawns, groves and shady squares. In this picturesque corner, you can take wonderful photos for memory, if, of course, the weather does not let you down..

Photos of the streets of Shymkent