Trip to Kazakhstan

Trip to Kazakhstan

A trip to Kazakhstan can be an excellent attempt to master a huge area and admire the foothills of the Tien Shan and Altai Mountains, as well as admire the Caspian.

Air Transport

Quite an expensive way to travel around the country. A one-way ticket can cost about $ 80-250. Airport complexes - there are 22 of them in total - are in many large cities. In particular, in Astana, Kokshetau, Aktobe, Pavlodar and many others.

The largest official air carrier in Kazakhstan is Air Astana. The company owns a modern aircraft fleet. In addition, she is the only one in the republic that practices ticket sales via the Internet..

Railway transport

Traveling by rail is the most popular way to travel around the country. This is due to the very affordable prices for train tickets. In addition, by train you can reach remote cities of the country..

The quality of transportation is in no way inferior to Russian ones. But it must be remembered that regardless of the season, the trains are always overcrowded. In the summertime, trying to get a ticket on the day of departure is a pipe dream. That is why you need to book tickets long before the train leaves..

Since Kazakhstan occupies a huge territory, the trip can sometimes take up to 20 hours. High-speed trains solve this problem. Of course, they cannot reach a speed of 350 km / h, but, nevertheless, the travel time is approximately halved. Trains include two class carriages «grandee», two business class cars and 18 class cars «tourist». In addition, there is a traditional restaurant car and a novelty - a bar car.

Bus service

Since Kazakhstan is a truly huge country, bus travel is not particularly popular. Basically, the bus is chosen if you want to get from the city to the nearest regional center.

Of course, buses are used for long-distance trips, but this travel option is not popular. In addition, bus transportation is mainly carried out by private cabbies, whose buses, in most cases, have long served their time..


A rather comfortable way to travel is by car. If you wish, you can rent a car in any major city in the country. Mandatory requirements: the driver's age is over 21 years old and the presence of an international license.

Intercity taxi

In cities, especially near bus and train stations, there are many private taxis. Taxi drivers themselves look for clients, offering their services. But be prepared that you will not be able to go alone. Until the driver finds four customers, the car will stay.

The trip will cost about half more than if you decided to go by bus, but cheaper than taking a taxi «checkered».

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