Coat of arms of Malta: photo, meaning, description

Coat of arms of Malta

Coat of arms of Malta

The modern coat of arms of Malta is not so many years old, since independence from Great Britain was obtained only in 1964. And even before that time, whoever did not try to rule the lands - Phoenicians and Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans, Spaniards, English. A small state, comfortably located on an island in the Mediterranean Sea, was a tasty morsel for close and distant neighbors.

History of the Maltese coat of arms

Having gained independence from foggy Albion, the Maltese immediately set about creating their own state. Among the most important events was the introduction of official symbols. This is how the first coat of arms appeared, the elements of which can be found in today's version..

From 1964 to 1975 the coat of arms of Malta depicted a shield, divided vertically into a silver and scarlet field. Moreover, in the silvery field on the left, above, there was a cross. The shield was bordered by palm and olive branches, which are often used in heraldry. Dolphins acted as shield holders, and sea waves served as the base, which emphasized the peculiarities of the state's location. The composition was crowned with a knight's helmet; a golden crown in the form of a tower; scarlet-silver windbreak. The legendary Maltese cross was also located here, just below - a ribbon with the motto «Valor and Fortitude».

Coat of arms of the Republic of Malta

In 1975, due to the fact that Malta declared itself a republic, the main symbol was replaced. The country's coat of arms depicted a seascape, the rising sun, the seashore with tools, a Maltese boat, cacti.

The new coat of arms has lost its formality, solemnity and pretentiousness. Rather, he reminded of the past of the country, the peaceful labor of its inhabitants. Below the composition was crowned with an inscription in Maltese «Republic of Malta».

Modern coat of arms

The current image of the coat of arms appeared in 1988. And again, the central place is given to the shield, consisting of a silver and scarlet fields. The Scarlet-Bordered George Cross has taken its place on the left half.

The shield holders, the role of which was played by dolphins on the coat of arms of 1964, have disappeared, but the branches of palm and olive trees still border the main symbol of the state. The Maltese cross also disappeared, although the ribbon with the name of the country remained. The composition is crowned with a tower crown, left alone, without a helmet of knights and a windbreak. The crown is a kind of symbol of the city-state and reminds of reliable fortifications.


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