Coast of Myanmar: photos, description

Myanmar coast

Myanmar's coastline is a 1,900-kilometer coastline lined with numerous hotels, picturesque coves and nice sandy beaches.

Myanmar coastal resorts (vacation benefits)

Travelers who decide to visit the Merguy archipelago (popular dive sites: Black Rock, Shark Cave, North Twin Island) can go diving, because wrasses, nurse sharks, tropical fish, rays, sharks, moray eels are found in its coastal waters. If you are interested in relaxing on the beaches, take a look at the resorts on the Andaman Sea (Sats and Letcocon Beaches) and in the Bay of Bengal (Ngwe Saung). It is worth noting that it is best to visit Myanmar resorts in November-March..

Myanmar cities and resorts on the coast

  • Ngwe Saung: there are no noisy discos and bars on the beaches of this resort (something like this can only be found in high-level hotels), but if you wish, local hotels will organize kayaking trips and excursions to a fishing village for you, they will offer you to rent a bicycle or motorcycle for exploring the adjacent territory, go diving and snorkeling, undergo spa procedures. If you feel like having a picnic, you may be advised to head to an uninhabited island in the Ayeyarwaddy Delta.
  • Ngapali: if you wish, you can rent a bike for walking, go to a dive center, visit golf courses, get jewelry and crafts made of pearls, visit the Festival of Fire Balloons (silk balloons are launched into the sky, which are filled with hot air), go to “Elephant camp”. And in the largest hotel Ngapali - “Sandoway” you can find a massage parlor, a walking park and a spa. As for the local 10-kilometer beach, there you will not find beach accessories, but it does not matter - you can hide from the sun here under the shade of palm trees. Are you hungry for adventure? Explore the hills behind the Strand Beach Hotel.
  • Chaung Ta: Despite the fact that there are no large hotels, there are bungalows with all the amenities, including air conditioning (vacation in Chaung Ta can be afforded by travelers with an average income). The resort will delight lovers of seafood (restaurants serve them at very reasonable prices) and beach holidays (you can rent swimming equipment - circles and kayaks on the local beach), but it should be borne in mind that those who want to swim will have to move away from the coast for a rather long distance ( this fact, as well as the presence of clean fine sand, will be considered an advantage by families with children).

While vacationing in Myanmar, travelers will be able to join ecotourism (the local nature has been preserved in its original form), beach, sightseeing and active recreation.