Prices in Myanmar - food, souvenirs, transport. How much money to take to Myanmar

Prices in Myanmar

Prices in Myanmar are quite low: eggs cost $ 1.3 / 12 pcs., Local cheese - $ 9/1 kg, gasoline - $ 0.7 / 1 liter, and for a lunch for two in an inexpensive cafe you will pay about $ 8.

Shopping and souvenirs

When purchasing goods in the markets, be sure to bargain in order to bring down the price by 2 times. If you decide to buy antiques and jewelry with rubies, amethysts and sapphires, it is advisable to go to licensed stores to make such purchases. This will protect you from the purchase of fakes, and in addition, there you will be given a purchase certificate for customs..

From Myanmar you should bring:

  • national clothes, local cosmetics, precious stones, jewelry, bamboo lacquerware, silk products, paintings by local artists, tapestries, hand-woven using gold and silver threads, wooden lamps, wooden walking sticks, statues of wood and stone, brass figurines animals, antique watches, ritual bracelets;
  • Burmese tea.

In Myanmar, you can buy silver jewelry with pearls from $ 30, tea - from $ 5, gold ring with sapphire - for $ 100.

Excursions and entertainment

Going on an excursion to the former capital of Myanmar - the city of Yangon, you can see the famous Shwegadon and other pagodas (Kaba Aye Paya, Sule and Ein do Yar), as well as visit the Karawijk Palace, the National Museum and the Mausoleums of the Martyrs. This excursion costs approximately $ 40.

If you go on an excursion to the city of Piy, costing $ 30, you will be able to see the partially preserved medieval city walls, numerous pagodas, temples, stupas of Payadzha and Payama.

To freely enter all museums, you can buy a single ticket, which costs $ 10. You will pay $ 2.5 for entry to the zoo, and $ 2 for a cinema ticket.


One bus ticket costs about $ 1.5. You can move around the city by motorcycle or cycle rickshaws: on average, the trip will cost you $ 1.5-2. As for the taxi ride, you will pay $ 1.6 + $ 1.5 / km for boarding (1 hour of waiting will cost you $ 4.6).

In the country, you can rent a car, but preferably together with a driver, since it is not recommended to move on local roads on your own (1 day of rental costs about $ 55-60).

When calculating your vacation budget, you should decide whether you will rent a room in a state hotel and travel by bus or look for housing in the private sector and ride a taxi. So, if you stay in a private hotel, eat in cheap cafes and travel by public transport, your daily expenses will be $ 35-40 per person.