Myanmar resorts: photos, description

Myanmar resorts

On the ancient Burmese land, it is still rare to find a Russian traveler who prefers the Thai or Vietnamese delights of a beach paradise to the local ones. But the resorts of Myanmar are more and more confidently winning new fans with their amazing natural landscapes, warm sea and pleasant prices for hotels and services. And also tours to Myanmar are a unique opportunity to see ancient Buddhist temples, equal to which the lost jungles of Southeast Asia have not yet shown to mankind..

For or Against?

A long flight and the lack of direct flights to Myanmar from Russia do not become an obstacle for a true adventurer, because connecting in Bangkok, Singapore or Kuala Lumpur can give an additional opportunity for a short overview of these cities.
You should not rent a car at the resorts of Burma on your own - the roads are not too safe, and the laws of local rental cars are not very clear to Europeans. It is easier to use the services of a taxi with a driver - it is not expensive and very convenient. Long distance transport - plane and train. The first is clearly faster, but the second is significantly more budgetary. Ships sailing the rivers of ancient Burma are also popular.
The lack of stars on the facade of hotels in Myanmar resorts is not a reason to consider them not comfortable enough. When choosing a hotel, it makes sense to pay attention to the reviews of previous guests.

Unknown and beautiful

Picturesque beach resorts of Myanmar are located in its southern and southwestern parts on the shores of the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal of the Indian Ocean:

  • The resort town of Ngapali is the most famous in the former Burma. The snow-white sand of the coastal strip merges with the turquoise of the sea surface, turning into a bright sky blue on the horizon. The landscapes of Ngapali will appeal to fans of beach photo shoots and simply to those who prefer the beauty of the surrounding reality to any benefits of civilization..
  • Fifteen kilometers of the luxurious sandy beach of the Myanmar resort in Ngwe Saung is not its only attraction. In addition to excellent tanning, fresh seafood and hotels for different tastes and wealth, this town is famous for the "Elephant Camp", where you can chat with good-natured giants and ride them through the jungle.
  • This resort of Myanmar cannot boast of special infrastructure, but fans of secluded relaxation in complete harmony with the surrounding nature prefer Chaunta. However, the restaurants in the village offer an interesting menu, and beach hotels are quite worthy of relaxation in the fresh air..