Capital of Myanmar: map, photo. What is the capital city in Myanmar?

Naypyidaw - the capital of Myanmar

Only a linguist can remember the name of the capital of Myanmar. And the rally to pronounce its name - Naypyido, in general, no one. Apparently, the state authorities decided to play a trick on tourists arriving here, overwhelmingly complicating the name of the country itself - after all, there was Burma - and deciding to change the capital.

An excursion into local history

The first capital of modern Myanmar was Rangoon (the name is quite simple and easy to pronounce). Now it is Yangon, a city with many colonial buildings preserved. But the status of the capital city passed to the small town of Neypyidaw.

The issue of transferring all administrative institutions to the city of Pyinmanu was considered back in 2001. The exact date of the transfer was chosen by astrologers - they calculated not only the date (2005, November 6), but also the time to the nearest minute. The solemn event took place in the morning, when the hands of the clock showed 6 hours and 36 minutes. But the capital was not Pyinman, but Naypyidaw, whose complex name is translated quite simply - «Abode of kings».

How to get to the capital

At the moment, to get to Naypyidaw, it is proposed to use one of three types of transport: by plane; by bus; by train. First you need to get to Yangon, the former capital, and then choose the best way to travel. The train goes to Naypyidaw for nine hours, but in terms of cost it is the most democratic option. Airplanes are not available to all citizens and guests of the country; most often they are used by the military, who save time and do not count money. Bus or car is also a fairly cheap way to travel, although it will take a lot of time..

New capital

Since Naypyidaw became the main city of the country only in 2006, accordingly, it is very young and dynamically developing. Ancient buildings, temples or palaces cannot be found here. And the central attraction is a huge sculptural composition depicting the three kings of Burma, who played an important role in the history of this southeastern state..

Of other interesting places for tourists, the Uppatasanti pagoda can be distinguished - its proportions coincide with one of the pagodas of the former capital. Inside, the cult room is completely empty, of values ​​- the figures of four jade Buddhas, which are oriented to the cardinal points, as well as Buddhist shrines. In addition, the pagoda contains the treasures of one of the Burmese kings..