Netherlands airports - list of international airports in the Netherlands

Airports in the Netherlands


Airports in the Netherlands

Amsterdam is a popular destination among Russian travelers who have the cherished Schengen in their passports. Usually the way to the country lies through one of the airports in the Netherlands, especially since the choice of international air gates here is quite extensive..
Direct flights from Moscow are operated by Aeroflot and KLM, and even the most impatient passenger does not have time to get bored in the sky with excellent service in 3.5 hours.

Netherlands international airports

Overseas flights are accepted by Amsterdam Schiphol and several other air harbors in various parts of the country:

  • Visit for operating details and timetables for Groningen Elde Airport in the northeast. From here there are regular flights to London, to the island of Tenerife, to the Polish Gdansk and seasonal to Spain, Turkey and Greece..
  • Rotterdam The Hague Airport is the third largest airport in the country. It is only 5 km away from the center of Rotterdam, and the Dutch low-cost airline Transavia is based on its field, which carries out low-cost flights to Rome, Barcelona, ​​Berlin, Budapest and many other European cities. The easiest way to get here from Russia is on the wings of British Airways. Schedule on the website -
  • Maastricht Aachen International Airport is responsible for the southeast of the Netherlands. The air gates located on the border with Germany are often used by Germans - residents of Aachen and the surrounding area. Wizz Air flies regularly from here to Budapest and Katowice, and Ryanair to Alicante. The airport schedule on the website also contains many seasonal flights.

Metropolitan direction

Schiphol in Amsterdam is one of the most popular and largest airports in the Old World. It serves as a hub for the KLM airline and helps serve the European route of the American Delta Air Lines.
The only huge terminal is divided into three departure halls, serving passengers of several dozen air carriers. Transatlantic flights are operated by Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, US Airways and Air Canada. China Airlines, Malaysia Airlines fly east,
and Singapore Airlines. Turkish airlines deliver passengers to the Netherlands airport from Istanbul, Korean - from Seoul, and Surinamese connect Amstardam with South America.
Europe is represented by the absolute majority of air carriers, and KLM has many regular flights to major European cities.
At the passengers' service there are huge duty-free shops and restaurants with cuisine for every taste. At the capital airport in the Netherlands, you can get married, go to a museum of fine art, entertain children in playgrounds, send paper and email, change currency and capture planes taking off from a special observation deck.
Transfer to Amsterdam is possible by taxi. Direct buses run from here both to the capital and to other cities in the country, and trains also go to Utrecht, The Hague and Rotterdam. Details here -


  • Airports in the Netherlands
  • Airports in the Netherlands
  • Airports in the Netherlands