Amsterdam in 1 day: where to go in Amsterdam

Amsterdam in 1 day


Amsterdam in 1 day

The city on the water, the capital of the Netherlands, requires close attention and unhurried exploration, but those who decided to get to know Amsterdam in 1 day also have a good chance to see all the most important. Moreover, the sights of the old center are located quite compactly.

Among the canals and bridges

Central Station is the place where all trains and express trains arrive, including from the airport. The vast majority of tourist routes start from here, and the station building can serve as an excellent landmark for those who are in the capital of the Netherlands for the first time. The historic center of the city, called by its inhabitants with great love the Quarter of the Grand Canals, begins right at the exit from the station. The main square of Amsterdam is called for short - Dam. She gathered in her palm many architectural monuments. One of them is the Royal Palace, where the Dutch monarchs have lived and ruled over their subjects for more than two centuries. The new church, located on the square, confuses those who recognize its age and compare it with the name. The temple was erected in 1408, and since then Nieuwe-Kerk serves as a worthy decoration of the city of canals, which lined Amsterdam into 90 islands.

Wall Street Sister

From Dam Square, the famous Damrak Street departs, which for the city is something like Wall Street for New York. The first European stock exchange and other financial institutions are located here. It is along Damrak that you can walk from the railway station to the center of Amsterdam and plunge into several historical eras in 1 day.
Damrak was once a canal, filled up at the end of the 19th century. Today there are dozens of craft workshops where you can buy traditional Dutch souvenirs and handicrafts. And the main street of Amsterdam is an endless string of cafes and restaurants, which is important for a traveler who does not have time to find a place to dine..

Take a photo with Lady Gaga

Once in the capital of the Netherlands, you can see a great many celebrities in one place in the central square. One of the first Madame Tussauds museums is located in Amsterdam, and many famous characters became its wax exhibits. Take a photo with Jennifer Lopez or become a Bond girl for a minute, look the Cannibal Lecturer in the eyes or touch the edge of Marilyn's dress - nothing is impossible in Amsterdam in one day.


  • Amsterdam in 1 day
  • Amsterdam in 1 day