Independent travel to Sri Lanka

On your own to Sri Lanka

On your own to Sri Lanka

The island of paradise drifting in the Indian Ocean is famous not only for Ceylon tea. Its coast in the right season is the ideal place for a leisurely beach holiday in complete harmony with pristine nature, and interesting excursions are a worthy pastime for those who are not used to messing around even on vacation. Surfers also flock to Sri Lanka on their own - during the wind season, the island has ideal weather for conquering the ocean wave.

Entry formalities

A visa for both organized tourists and for those who fly independently to Sri Lanka can be obtained electronically on the ETA website. After completing the questionnaire, you will have to wait within 24 hours and, if the answer is positive, pay an online fee in the amount of $ 30. A printout of obtaining a visa must be in paper form for presentation at the border. Obtaining a visa is also possible upon arrival at the airport, but it is $ 5 more expensive and usually takes a lot of time..
It is forbidden to import cigarettes to Sri Lanka duty-free, but customs officers rarely inspect the luggage of tourists, and therefore a couple of blocks for their own needs can be put in a suitcase.

Rupees and spending

Dollars or euros can be exchanged for Sri Lankan rupees at banks or the exchange office of the airport, where, oddly enough, one of the most favorable rates is set. If you keep the check, you will be able to convert back unspent local money, especially since their export outside the country is prohibited..
The imported foreign currency must be declared. There are ATMs in large cities, but it will not be possible to pay with a credit card everywhere, and therefore it is worth having a supply of cash..
Going to Sri Lanka on your own, you will have to book hotels, use transport and buy groceries. Prices for goods and services on the island are among the lowest in the region:

  • A bungalow on the beach with minimal amenities will cost $ 20 -30 per day, a mid-range hotel - $ 40 -70, and an apartment or room in an expensive hotel - $ 70 -130.
  • Dine at a roadside cafe can be cheap, but it can put your own health at risk. 4 $ -10 $ dollars will cost a meal for one in an average cafe in excursion places, and prices for a dish in restaurants start from $ 10.
  • For an excursion to the elephant nursery, you will have to pay only $ 15, a jeep trip to the national park will cost $ 25-$ 30, and a boat trip to the coral island will "pull" $ 40.

Valuable advice

You can also do shopping in Sri Lanka on your own. As a rule, the object of attraction of tourists is local gems. You should not buy them on the street from dubious sellers, and when purchasing jewelry in a store, it is important to ask for a certificate and a cashier's receipt..
It should be borne in mind that Russian legislation prohibits the possession of rimless and not certified gemstones in Russia, so having bought a ruby ​​or sapphire, a traveler automatically falls into a "risk group" at Russian customs.


  • On your own to Sri Lanka
  • On your own to Sri Lanka
  • On your own to Sri Lanka