Capital of Trinidad and Tobago: map, photo. What is the capital city of Trinidad and Tobago?

Port of Spain - the capital of Trinidad and Tobago

Port of Spain - the capital of Trinidad and Tobago

The amazing Port of Spain, the capital of Trinidad and Tobago, is located in a cozy place on the coast of the Caribbean Sea (Paria Bay). Its name can be translated by any high school student with basic knowledge of English - «port of spain». And immediately some pages of local history are revealed, in particular, the settlers from which European country were the first to enter the coast of the island of Trinidad, and, after looking around, they decided to found a new settlement in this heavenly place..

Indians, Spaniards and others

Scrupulous historians hint that it is impossible to say for sure that the city was founded by the Spaniards. Because this very place was once inhabited by the ancient Indians, their settlement was called Conkerabia. The first guests from Europe, who arrived on the islands in the 16th century, settled here and retained the ancient Indian name.

The city received its current name in 1797, when it became part of the British colony. There were huge plantations around the village, where black slaves grew sugarcane. With the abolition of slavery, they migrated in search of better places, but many workers from Pakistan and India came to the islands..

Now people of different nationalities and confessions live in Port of Spain, most of the believers are Christians (mainly Protestants and Catholics), there are fans of Buddhism and Hinduism.

At the crossroads of cultures

The main city of this state proves that different religions and different cultures can peacefully coexist, which form the architectural appearance of the modern capital. Among the most remarkable monuments of architecture, tourists are attracted by:

  • A Catholic cathedral preparing to celebrate its bicentennial;
  • The Anglican Cathedral, the same age as the Catholic;
  • National Museum - a treasury of ancient household items and art.

Tourists are attracted by Downtown, which belongs to the oldest part of the capital. The historic center is Woodford Square, its first name was Brunswick. You can start your acquaintance with many of the architectural monuments of Port of Spain from this square. It is here that are located: the Anglican Cathedral, which is consecrated in honor of the Holy Trinity, the buildings of Parliament, the Supreme Court, the City Council and the National Library.

There are two more popular tourist spots on the map of the capital - the Royal Botanic Gardens and the Imperial Valley Zoo. In the first, the main inhabitants, along with plants, are colorful hummingbirds; in the zoo, you can see many amazing animals of the tropics..


  • Port of Spain - the capital of Trinidad and Tobago
  • Port of Spain - the capital of Trinidad and Tobago
  • Port of Spain - the capital of Trinidad and Tobago