554.1-bedrooms for 5 thousand

Basic data

District: Ao Nang
Accommodation type: house
Distance to the sea: 10-20 min walk
Number of bedrooms: 1, bathrooms: 1
Rent price, baht / month: 5000
Host contact: 075 644 250

Pool: no
Air conditioner: no
Household appliances: fan, refrigerator


If you need help with renting, send me a request by mail using the form below. I also remind you that it is better to look for hotels in Thailand through RoomGuru, as it shows discounts in 30 booking systems at once, and not only in the usual Booking, which is not the main one in Asia.

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5 thousand for the top floor, 6 for the bottom. On each floor there is one room, that is, in one house 4 rooms are obtained and each is rented out separately. Only long-term lease, and, as a rule, everything is rented out for a long time. No air conditioning, but there is a fan.

Soi 11, turn before 7-11 to get to the mosque on the left, how to go to the beach. The beach at Aonang can be reached on foot in 15 minutes. On a bike, generally close.





1 bd, 5000 baht / month

1 bd, 5000 baht / monthView