Note in the magazine of the airline Yakutia - I am now famous!

Short post. I want to share, well, or brag about who likes it more, what they wrote about me in the magazine. Yes, this is not any National Geographic, but just the magazine of the Yakutia airline, which lies in the backs of the seats, but still. The reader sent photos, well, how can I not post them on the blog 🙂

Journal note


«The long-term travel practice, meticulously revised by the author, has formed into slender rows of pictograms. All materials are arranged on shelves, countries, parts of the world. Oleg shares not only beautiful landscapes, but also useful information for tourists. For example, a blogger conducted an experiment that resulted in a selection of bank cards for travel and a visual display of cashbacks; tested the transfer service in Thailand and not only; compiled a rating of insurance companies and step-by-step online guides with easy navigation. Subscribers write sincere words of gratitude: «… We planned the trip ourselves… most of it according to your travel guides. Thank you, everything came in handy!» While on a tip from a blogger, tourists are drinking fruit shakes at the best reggae bar in Koh Samui, the author has moved to Haifa. It seems that we are lucky again - we are waiting for a guide to Israel.»

A small column about me in the Yakutia magazine

A small column about me in the Yakutia magazine

With Israel, they got excited, of course. But someday, yes 🙂 In general, in general, it is surprisingly well written. And that happened in different ways. They just usually asked permission and then gave another draft for approval..

Some thoughts

When I first started blogging, I really wanted to get noticed wherever possible: on other blogs, in newspapers, on television, on the radio (examples follow the links). Therefore, I was always happy with any interviews. But time passed and the understanding came that such things, of course, are pleasant, because thousands of people will see / hear you, but it does not affect my project at all. I mean this site. Does not affect its development and does not add readers.

Probably, if Channel 1 told about me, and not in the form of a 5-minute video, but in the format of a half-hour broadcast, then maybe it would make sense. But the trick is that now the TV space does not overlap with the network space. And on television, they understand this, so they are also slowly getting into the Internet. So interviews on Youtube would be much more useful than TV. On the other hand, I have an informational project, and by default it will not attract readers from similar sources, a maximum surge of interest for a while.

Why did I write this? I don’t know myself 🙂 I just shared my thoughts. Over the past couple of years, I have already been called on TV 5 times and I refused. They were also invited to speak to the audience in person, talk about travel, and so on. But since there is a lot of work, and there is little interest in such events, I refuse everything, here I am such an introvert. For some reason, lately, I want to spend time on useful guidebooks and travel themselves, and not on PR. Something like this.