Baan Palm Thong Guesthouse (ex 813 Khaolak Hostel) - cheap hotel in Khao Lak

UPD. Due to the fact that my review was written in October 2015, there are some changes for today's October 2017. Guest changed its sign and owner, now it is called Baan Palm Thong Guesthouse.

I arrived in Khao Lak in the evening, and as you know, Thais go to bed early, so the choice of hotels was not great. Since I liked the Bang Nian area, this is where I started looking for a hotel. I turned on the application on my phone and started looking for nearby hotels on the map. Very comfortably. But not always true.

For example, the application shows that there are free rooms, but you come to the hotel and call the phone indicated at the reception desk - a sleepy voice says that there are no rooms. I am sure that the rooms actually were, it was just too lazy for someone to go and populate a person for the sake of one night.

So the third hotel that suited me for the price was 813 Hostel. And the next night I spent the night in romantic bungalow.

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Price and booking

If you come to Baan Palm Thong Guesthouse in the evening, then, so that there are no overlaps, like mine, it is better to book the hotel in advance. I paid 700 baht per night for a fairly spacious room. At first they wanted 800 baht, but this price includes breakfast, I refused it, so it turned out cheaper. I suppose that in addition to such numbers, there are also common.

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For example, here is a direct link to the hotel: Baan Palm Thong Guesthouse .


The interior decoration is rather modest and a bit underground. It lies in simple furniture, gray walls and gloomy lighting. Perhaps, if I had moved in during the day, when the sun was shining brightly and illuminated the room, I would have driven into the next room, where the balcony is not covered with a metal sheet (I had the last room and the balcony was for some reason half closed).

But in general, everything else is in order: a large area, there is an air conditioner, a mini-fridge, a couple of bottles of water, hot water in the bathroom (plus shampoo and gel), a desk. Visually, the hotel is not old. On the plus side, there was a person at the reception until about 10 pm. The disadvantage for me is not a working Wifi. He was, but for some reason there was no Internet.








On the map

It is very easy to find. Firstly, there is a large sign on the hotel, and secondly, there will be 711 across the road..

Hotel 813 Hostel

Hotel 813 Hostel
Nice hotel, hostel. No frills.
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Nice hotel, hostel. No frills. More details