Thongtakian Beach a beach with four names

Crystal Bay Yacht Club Beach Resort, Silver Beach Resort & Restaurant, Crystal Bay Resort are the names of three hotels located on the steep mountain slopes around Tong Takian Bay. Because Tongtakian Beach is referred to by all four names on the Internet, there is often confusion and unnecessary controversy on the forums. It's right to say - «Tongtakian» with emphasis on the last «but».

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Beach description

Thongtakian Beach has a small size and a very cozy localization in one of the inaccessible places of Koh Samui. The beach is about 300m long, and the coastline stretches from northwest to southeast. Tongtakian Beach is protected on both sides by steep, round cliffs, and access to the sea is only possible through one of two hotels: Crystal Bay Yacht Club and Silver Beach Resort.

The sand on Tongtakian is light yellow, almost white and with an admixture of coral fragments and shells. On the main beach, the sand is finer and cleaner, and closer to the southeastern edge, deposits of coral rolled by waves appear. The width of the beach is almost 30 meters, the same along the entire length of Tong Takiana.

The cleanliness of the beach is kept perfect, there is even some separation of the boundaries between the Crystal Bay Yacht Club and the Silver Beach Resort - the employees of the latter smooth the sand with a special tool every morning, demonstrating increased attention to the comfort of their clients.

Despite the isolation and external inaccessibility from the side of the Ring Road, tourists have long figured out what's what, they constantly come here to rest and actively exchange their impressions of the neat, beautiful Tongtakian beach on the Internet. Even in low season, the popularity of this place shows itself in the form of a full parking lot at the Silver Beach Hotel and a large number of tourists on the beach..

In case anyone is interested in reading about other places, I have a short overview of all the beaches of Koh Samui, will help you decide on the choice of the beach.

Entering the water, depth and waves

The depth of Tongtakian is comfortable for families with children, because the flat, gentle coast slowly, without abrupt changes, sinks for hundreds of meters. Fifty paces from the surf line, the depth reaches a meter, this is chest-high for an adult of average height. The bottom of the beach is sandy, pleasant, with clear water and a clean entrance.

Five meters after entering, legs begin to get tangled in unpleasant thickets of algae, which are often thrown ashore in good waves. High waves, on ordinary days, are relatively rare on Tongtakians..

Sun beds and shade

The beach is separated from the territory of all three hotels by a low stone side, which is forbidden for strangers to climb. All sun loungers and beach umbrellas are on private property and are not accessible to visiting tourists. Therefore, all your own should be brought with you, although you can limit yourself only to a beach mat..

On Tongtakian there are several huge, spreading trees, under which twenty people can easily fit. There is no shadow from rocks and stones on the beach, but there are paths on the slopes of the mountain, along which you can climb the cliff and take an excellent panoramic photo of the entire beach.

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The area where Tongtakian Beach is located is on the outskirts of the busy Lamai. Directly around these three hotels, there is nothing but a few commercial organizations and a couple of convenience stores. Hotel customers are provided with a full range of services, and if you wish to take part in the life of the island, you can take a car ride to the side Lamai. In three minutes of a leisurely drive, all its joys will be available: from grocery stores to the red light district.

If you go to the side Chaweng, then after three hundred meters there is a good restaurant on the rocks «The cliff». There are several bamboo gazebos on the beach, where massages are performed at prices slightly higher than usual. Bars and restaurants are located on the territory of hotels, there is no rental of water equipment and equipment on Tongtakian. Nearby attractions available, ten minutes drive from the beach:

  • Elephant Rock;
  • Observation deck at the pass between Lamai and Chaweng;
  • Golf Club (Royal Samui Golf & Country Club).



Houses and hotels on the beach

Local beaches are completely surrounded by cool hotels and villas. Directly Tongtakian is occupied by three of the above establishments, and within one and a half kilometers around there is not a single, more or less budgetary, private housing for rent. Only hotels and villas. Having driven around the area, looking at the luxurious buildings and fences, in the end, you will draw a simple conclusion - an expensive area.

If you want to book a hotel here in advance or look for accommodation on other beaches, I have selection of hotels on Koh Samui with a good rating and reviews.

UPD from February 2018: in addition to the Crystal Bay Yacht Club Beach Resort, Silver Beach Resort & Restaurant, Crystal Bay Resort mentioned at the beginning of the article, two more resorts have appeared on the beach, and now there are five hotels in Thong Takian.

I give you links to both establishments, open in additional tabs so as not to forget. Promtsuk Buri and Thongtakian Resort .

Hotels near Tong Takian>

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How to find the beach

The main thing when looking for an exit to the parking lot of one of the two hotels (Crystal Bay Yacht Club Beach Resort, Silver Beach Resort & Restaurant) is not to rush. For people who have never been to Thailand at all and are not used to the scenery and scale, it will be difficult to navigate at high speed..

The island is small, everything is very close here and appears suddenly. A guideline for the following from Chaweng serves a restaurant «The cliff», after which, on the same side, a sign of the Crystal Bay Resort hotel will appear. You pass it and after 30 meters there will be parking at the Silver Beach Hotel.

And for those who travel from Lamai - serves as a guide «IT Complex Samui», after which, after 200 meters, NOT STARTING UP THE HILL, you need to move to the right, into the territory of the Crystal Bay Yacht Club. Further - by smell, towards the sea with things and drinks.



Beach Map

Thong Takian Beach Map

Thong Takian Beach Map: