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We live on Hainan Island in Lingshui city. However, we also got out to the resort city of Sanya, where we also had to spend the night somewhere. Proofing RoomGuru, After reading the ratings and reading the reviews, I think I found a very good hotel for the money it was worth. It is called Sanya Tropical Island Hotel, and is located in the center of Sanya, a 10-minute walk from the sea, and relatively close to the pedestrian street. That is, it is perfect for budget travelers who need to spend the night several nights between sightseeing..

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Sanya Tropical Island Hotel


Sanya Tropical Island Hotel costs 138 RMB / day. No prepayment required, no need to enter bank card details.

I think it is a very good price for such a hotel. At least in this area, I could not find anything better, I looked through the options 20. And it is very cool that for this price there is an elevator and windows in all rooms, which is not always the case. I read reviews about other hotels, where everything seems to be fine, but then there is no elevator (and you need to carry a suitcase to the 6th floor), then there are windows in the room. Or the windows overlook somewhere on a noisy street. And here the street is calm and quiet, a dead-end lane.

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Searched and booked traditionally through RoomGuru. Be sure (and I insist) to check for discounts or special offers on the excellent Roomguru service. He will quickly and easily show you discounts in all existing booking systems. In Asia, for example, there are a lot of offers on, which are much more interesting than for exactly the same hotels on

For example, here is a direct link to the hotel: Sanya Tropical Island Hotel .

By the way, I have never discovered an unprecedented eLong booking system, apparently Chinese, some hotels in it cost half the price of Booking or Agoda.

We were traveling with several people, so we took several rooms. We got a tatami room! It was called that way, they want the tatami is not there. Very cool room, we liked it. The mattresses lay on a low ledge, which also contained a low tea table with pillows. We always liked this topic, and when Yegor showed up, who strives to fall out of bed, even more so. Sometimes in hotels I even take off the mattress from the bed and put it on the floor, but here everything is thought out in advance.







The rest of the rooms are pretty basic. Except for those where the toilet is connected to the room by a window. This is a romantic room, one is on the bed, the other is on the toilet, and you can watch each other 🙂



Wifi works so-so in the outer rooms, they are further from the router. The rest of the internet is Chinese. But the room has everything you need: a towel, soap and soap accessories, TV, air conditioning. Downstairs something like a kitchen and a refrigerator.



And there is one more plus, you can always call the English-speaking owner, because none of the staff speaks a word of English. He called me right after booking a room and asked when we would arrive, and type call, if anything. And after checking in, they threw such pieces of paper under our door.


Near the hotel

The hotel is in a side street, so it is quiet. If you go out to the main street and turn left, then immediately to the left there is a cool cafe with green walls, in which the Chinese-Muslims are the owners. Delicious food, inexpensive. Actually, there are many cafes here, coconuts are sold, there are fruit necks and all kinds of pies.


It takes about 10 minutes to walk to the sea, Sanya Bay beach. It is not very popular with tourists, but it looks like an ordinary tropical beach. With a shadow, the truth is not very there, or rather it is, but it is located along the road and there are a lot of people hanging out there (they dance, sing, play cards).



How to find your hotel and map

It can be difficult to find a hotel on your own, so just show the taxi driver the address from the booking (you need to print it in Chinese, not in English!) Or this business card. Since we did not have a business card then, we took advantage of the help of passers-by. The third Chinese, brought us to the door, although they had to spend 20-30 minutes on us.


Sanya Tropical Island Hotel

Sanya Tropical Island Hotel
The point is indicated on this map correctly. But on the satellite, it will not stand right. Also the GPS coordinates will not be correct. The hotel is good and inexpensive.
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The point is indicated on this map correctly. But on the satellite, it will not stand right. Also the GPS coordinates will not be correct. The hotel is good and inexpensive.

P.S. Now we are going to Sanya again with an overnight stay, and again here 🙂