A bicycle is a faithful companion on a hike

Someone likes to look at the natural beauty from the window of a jeep, someone prefers closer contact with the road, carrying a backpack on their shoulders, and someone likes to ride a bicycle in a calm and healthy rhythm to explore new trails.

Anyone who decides to experience the pleasures of cycling tourism should start their experiments with the selection of a good bike. The main selection criteria are very simple: comfort, reliability and strength, weight and speed. Fans of cross-country rides should also consider how much effort the rider will need from the selected bike when going uphill. Each person prioritizes all these qualities independently, but many experienced cyclists consider the most important thing for a bicycle to be its ride quality and its structural strength. After that comes weight and comfort, and speed comes last, because obstacles and difficult road conditions are the main determinants of speed in cycling..

Many bicycle manufacturers make it easier for tourists to choose by releasing a whole line of two-wheeled vehicles. For example, trek hybrid bikes combine mountain range and road speed..

Especially popular with cyclists are mountain bikes, specially designed for driving on difficult dirt roads. They are reliable and durable, but as a touring car they have their drawbacks. On sandy roads, they move without problems, but it is more difficult to move on clayey stony ground on them: the tread is clogged with clay, and wide tires require more effort to move. Perhaps better off-road than others are the merida mountain bikes, specially adapted for difficult ground conditions.

Light-road bicycles can be considered a universal transport for a cyclist due to their versatility. With the options of a road bike, this type of car can handle difficult sections of the route well, and its racing qualities allow it to quickly pass less interesting sections for a tourist. The rear wheel sprockets are removable, so before the hike, you can install the most suitable for the given route.

Mountain bikes come in handy for bikers on weekend hikes as well as short style rides. «free ride» Free Ride when driving on trails with steep climbs and descents, on ravines and off-road.