What apartments can be rented in Hua Hin - our apartment and about housing in general

We left good apartments in Bangkok and drove into an apartment of the same level in Hua Hin. We don't have a washing machine now, but we have our own Wifi. What happiness! But, of course, this whole move was started for the sake of Yegor, so that he could be at sea after a serious illness and before returning to Moscow. I doubt very much that at home he will have a place to draw strength from, so let him recover at least a little now. But, of course, I hope that upon our return we will move at least to the Moscow region, so that it is better in terms of viruses and ecology..

In the meantime, he will be able to breathe the fresh sea air for a whole month and crawl along the long beach, playing with shells and carrying his cars on the sand, our village Takiab is perfect for this..

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About housing in Hua Hin

We were initially looking for apartments with walking distance to the sea and to the supermarket and, as always in Thailand, this task is not trivial. It is better to have your own or rented transport, so that the mileage to the right places is not so much worried, then the issue of housing is greatly simplified. But the good thing is that there are songteos (pickup minibuses) that regularly go around Hua Hin, on which you can get from one point to another for a fixed fee of 10-20 baht. That is why we ended up choosing the area Takiab, to live in a quiet and peaceful place, next to the beach and away from the road, and hammered in walking distance to the supermarket.

Our apartment in Hua Hin

Price and booking

We booked this option at Ban View Viman on the very edge of Takiab for 29k baht / month. Yes, the price is high, although the discount is given for a month, but we needed to spend bonuses that were about to burn out. Otherwise, they would have rented a studio for 14 thousand in Baan Peang Ploen. True, opposite Baan Peang Ploen and the neighboring Seacraze there is a sluggish construction site and it is rather dangerous to shoot via the Internet because you will get the windows directly to this very construction site. Although the tenants of these condominiums say that even if the windows face the courtyard, you can still hear it, not in all apartments, but in some of them for sure. Little fun. If you go there, be sure to consider this point, whether the construction is over or not. So we did everything right, I am very pleased with our apartment. And yes, I also really like The Breeze, it is right next to us and there is a great area with two pools. We would have filmed there ourselves, that the price was even higher on Airbnb.

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In Hua Hin, for some reason, most of the condominiums have rather strange studios: a living room with a bed, and a kitchen in a separate room. A kind of our Russian one-room apartment, only without an entrance hall and a corridor. In my opinion, a delusional housing project. It is much better when the kitchen is in the living room, and the bedroom is in a separate room. Then it is much more convenient to live with a child: you cook and he immediately climbs into the field of view, in the bedroom you can put him for a nap without disturbing those who are in the living room, and in general a separate room is always convenient, you can close and work there..

We were desperate to find, within 20 thousand baht / month on Airbnb, a one-bedroom apartment, solid studios with separate kitchens, which some owners position as single-room, but thank you, there are photos that make everything clear. And then I noticed that the bonuses had already burned out a little (they are given for a year), so we decided to increase the budget to 30 thousand and immediately found our apartment, where there is just a separate bedroom, there is a cooking tile, our own Wifi, and a bonus view of the pool and sea. By the way, tiles and Wifi were not found in all condominiums on Takiab, many suggested eating in a cafe and surfing the Internet in the lobby..

I will list the appliances in the kitchen: refrigerator, microwave, kettle, toaster (our slow cooker). In the bedroom and living room, one air conditioner, plus a floor fan. There are mosquito nets on the windows, but there are almost no mosquitoes. Large TV with set-top box and DVD. Hot water and shower.












The services in the condominium are modest. There is a very small gym, but the main thing for me is that there is a treadmill, and it is there. Although I still will not enter the regime and therefore I have been practicing very rarely lately. The pool is medium in size and a mini area that is pleasing to the eye, but you can't walk on it. Here in the neighboring The Breeze there, yes, there is where to turn around.

But the most important thing for which everything was started is the sea. It is located literally 200 meters from us and, as you already understood, it can be seen from the balcony. Therefore, even when we are in the apartment, we still breathe the sea air..






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Our condo in Hua Hin

Our condo in Hua Hin
Excellent condo on the outskirts of Takiab - Ban View Viman. If you need peace and quiet, then Takiab is well suited for this. To Hua Hin go 20 minutes by songteo for 10 baht.
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Excellent condo on the outskirts of Takiab - Ban View Viman. If you need peace and quiet, then Takiab is well suited for this. It takes 20 baht to get to Hua Hin by songthaew.

P.S. This is our housing for the next month. Soon already to Moscow ...