Dolmens of the Krasnodar Territory - places of power

I have long wanted to write a note about the Caucasus, about places of power and generally speaking. The topic is quite extensive, since I have been there many times, and accordingly there is a lot to tell. But today about the dolmens of the Krasnodar Territory. Briefly about what it is and where it is easiest to see them. For whom these places are pop, do not blame me ...

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Dolmens of the Krasnodar Territory

Dolmens are stone structures built in the 4th-2nd millennium BC (dates are different), it is not clear by whom, and it is not clear why. They are structures made of stone slabs made of sandstone of a large mass, or carved into the rock, usually with a portal (entrance hole). Dolmens come in different shapes: rectangular, round, trapezoidal. There are more than 2,500 of them in the Caucasus, some destroyed, some in inaccessible areas, and some not far from resort towns. Unfortunately, until the 50s, the dolmens of the Krasnodar Territory were not studied and were stolen by local residents or destroyed. Many of the dolmens are still not protected by the state..

There are many theories about the purpose of dolmens. I have always visited the dolmens of the Krasnodar Territory on my own, but a couple of times I managed to overhear the guides. Naturally, one of the theories is some kind of burial structures, similar to the Egyptian pyramids. And one of the options for sticking it inside the body was to soften it with cunning compounds so that it could crawl into the hole-portal. There was some theory related to altars, I don't remember the details. One of the guides pushed the theory that these were the houses of little gnomes, either joking or smoking something. There is also a theory that people went to dolmens to meditate for eternity, plunging into a state of samadhi (trance, transition to the fourth dimension) in order to pass on knowledge to their descendants, and it was possible to communicate with them entering meditation. For what the dolmens were actually built, no one will say for sure. But definitely for some serious purpose. It is difficult to grind and fold the slabs even now, using modern equipment, and making a dolmen in a rock is generally how it should have been confused.

Most of the publicly accessible dolmens are in Gelendzhik: Mount Nexis, Vozrozhdenie village, Pshada and on the way to them. I marked some of them on dolmen map. There are also dolmens, in the Tuapse area, Ashe, Lazarevsky and Sochi. But closely spaced ones can be counted on one hand.

Excursion or on your own

You can go on an excursion, or you can go on your own. The second option is closer to me, since it is not much different in terms of comfort, but it differs greatly in price, and there is an opportunity to plan the time yourself. If we are talking about the dolmens of Gelendzhik, then buses from Gelendzhik to Vozrozhdenie and Pshada run about 10 times a day from the lower (old) bus station, and the journey costs about 20-40 rubles. Entrance to the territory to the dolmens is about 100 rubles. Also, the advantage of independent visits is that you can stay close to the dolmens for as long as you want, and not as much as the guide took. A place of power after all. You can arrive in the morning and leave in the evening, almost everywhere there are cafes and the opportunity to plunge into the river.

In some places you can come for a longer period and stand with a tent nearby. I can also advise, if we are talking about several days, to come in late spring, early summer, there will definitely be few people, and it is already warm.

Dolmen energy

The sensations of dolmens are different for different people. It depends on the goals of the visitor, on his imagination, on the mood, on the knowledge of himself. For many, they are places of power, where desires come true, and answers to questions come. For myself, I noticed that I get the answer not to the question being asked, but to the hidden one, that is, the one that actually turns out to be more important. Perhaps I made it up myself, but why not? It is still necessary to answer the tormenting questions somehow. But the feeling of calmness and some kind of lightness is definitely there, though not everywhere.

To believe or not to believe that there is some kind of energy near the dolmens actually depends only on you..

Dolmens photo

Dolmen Sunny. Mount Neskis.

Dolmen Sunny. Mount Neskis.

Village Vozrozhdenie. Dolmen Strength of spirit.

Village Vozrozhdenie. Dolmen Strength of the Spirit.

Dolmen Harmony. Village Vozrozhdenie.

Dolmen Harmony. Village Vozrozhdenie.

Dolmens of Gelendzhik. Dolmen Khan.

Dolmens Khan. Dolmen farm near Pshada

Dolmen in the forest near Tuapse

Solid dolmen in the forest near Tuapse